Best and Worst.

Every night we Woog’s come together for dinner and go around the table doing Best and Worst.

Best and Worst is when you have to share the best thing about your day and the worst thing. The kids mainly say that the worst thing about their day is the dinner that sits before them, which I ignore. 

It is a great conversation starter and a good excuse to have a small bitch about something that has given you the irrits.

My week?  Let us begin.


  • Sending someone to Social Media Spankytown. It is a sad but necessary occurrence that happens rarely. THANK GOD!
  • Freezing my ring off in this old house. 
  • Doing a lot of research into how I can be more organised only to discover that you do not get any more organised by researching about it. You actually have to do stuff.
  • Missing managerial Ducks duty as I will be away and handing over my clipboard to Mr. Woog who has no understanding about the pens.

  • Watching Alan install a big mofo gas heater yesterday.
  • Meeting Sally Obermeder, Host of The Daily Edition. I could not believe that someone so beautiful and lovely did exist. I was beginning to think she was too good to be true until she dropped the F Bomb. Awesome. She also runs a very nifty blog which you can check out here – SWIISH.
  • The anticipation of a weekend away with some mates.
  • Stumbling across a second hand leather couch for Jabba. For peanuts…

  • Reading this excellent article by John Birmingham.
  • Finishing my Harry’s project on the Daintree Rainforest and listing one of the geographical features as Google Billboards to see whether the teacher actually will read it.

  • Simmone Logue Chicken and Leek Pie. Because.
  • New school friend Mamma’s who are willing to help me out when things clash. SALUTE!
  • Realising that it has been great week as evidenced by the fact that my best list far outweighs the worst.
Have a think back…..
What has been the best and worst of your week?