Cabin Fever

What do you get when you cross 4 people and a cat in a small house with a weekend of torrential rain?

A very unhappy bunch.

It did not stop raining all weekend. Not for a moment. It was not even inoffensive spitting type of rain. It was big fat drops, falling with such ferocity that at some points, you could not see the back fence.

We travelled back from Jabba on Saturday in this rain and as we approached the big dipper on the F2, Sonia Kluger hit a huge puddle and started sliding all over 3 lanes. It was very, very scary and we were lucky we were not travelling next to a truck, as I think it would have been all over for the Woogs.

Mr Woog regained control over Sonia and commented on the fact that her superior “insert car mechanical safety feature here” probably saved our lives.

Oh Sonia! Is there anything you can’t do?

When we got home, we sat around and looked at each other.

Kids started niggling and nagging and fighting to the point that, after one particular incident, a ban has been placed on iPad use until 2014.

Relief was short lived and then I actually said….

“If you keep fighting, then I will ban television for the entire school holidays…..”

I am so stupid. 

It is my biggest trump card and I played it before the school holidays actually officially began, which is today. I believe in the follow through so I have actually created my own problem here.

The rain eased for an hour yesterday afternoon so I sent the kids outside. It is council clean up time here, and so the boys got together with the kids in the street to pick through rubbish to make a billycart from an old, defunct lawnmower.

Proper playing. Good old fashioned stuff. Not connected to a device or replying on someone or something else to entertain them.

So I still hold the TV trump card, and I am hanging into it for dear life. Thank the Weather Gods that the rain has cleared for the week. 

And thank the Toyota Gods that we Woogs are still here to enjoy it.