DUO BOOTS & ROCKPORT FLATS & Why I am giving them away….


Like most women, I have a thing for shoes, and apparently a thing for photographing them on my feet…..

Look closely and you can see toe hair – eew..

What was I thinking with these?
Maybe auditioning for a job on Playschool?

But wait… there’s more….

And there is more that I won’t bore you with! 

What is wrong with me? Do I have some sort of foot fetish? 

Well, I know I have a shoe fetish, that’s for sure. But they have to be flat! I have one pair of teeny tiny kitten heels that I sometimes think I might wear, but I get to the front door, and off they come.

People who say heels are comfy? LIARS!

Anyway, sometimes when you are a blogger, you get things sent to you for “Editorial Consideration” which is a fancy pants way of saying free shit that they hope you will write about. Hoping, but no obligation…..

But when I find something I love, I share.

These latest 2 pairs of shoes that have been flung my way have come with the offer of giving a pair away to you! 

I wanted a pair for every reader but they could not swing that past the pencil pushers…. 

Let’s take a closer look……

Duo Boots are made to measure footage that are of impeccable quality.Delivery is free. Customers can input their foot and calf size into the ‘Shop by Size’ drop down box. The calf is measured around its widest point and there is also an instruction video in the ‘Find your Fit’ drop down box to help customers measure their calves correctly. 

They can then choose from a selection of boots that will fit their calves perfectly, enter their postal details and checkout.

DUO also stocks shoes and ankle boots in three widths , narrow, medium and wide.
Now when the lovely PR lady asked for my measurements, I sent her the length of my calf, not the circumference. I obviously did not watch the video.So when they turned up, well….. see for yourself!

Side by side next to ye old faithfuls…
They really DO cater for all sizes! They have 21 sizes in fact and once I worked out the difference between the words LENGTH and CIRCUMFERENCE, these babies popped by to live with me.
And I farking love them….
I keep them on display.
Duo Boots have an excellent range, something for everyone and you can have a squizz HERE – http://www.duoboots.com
Ok, the other pair is an interesting story. I was actually approached to work on a particular campaign, but I could not work out an angle to write about these shoes, so I passed on it.
Later, I was at a work do and Nikki from Styling You was in possession of a pair, so I asked to try them on.
AND I FELL IN LOVE. A plain and simple loafer that would have to be the most comfortable shoe ever made. I literally have worn them everyday.

The Rockport Womens Seaworthy II is a stylish full leather flat or loafer, available in a range of colours and styles. This shoe is machine washable. The cushioning ensures instant comfort without needing to wear them in.
That is correct! No need for Band-aids AT ALL!
They are available at The Athlete’s Foot, or online here… CLICK!
Duo Boots and The Athlete’s Foot are giving away a pair to Woogsworld Readers. To enter, choose which pair you would like to win and leave a comment here telling me…..
If you would like a pair of DUO Boots, let me know which ones? You can select any from the entire range!
And if you think you need the Seaworthy’s what colour would you like? Choose from Black, Red or Cream..
Entries will close on WEDNESDAY 12th of June, a quick one so we can get these bad boys on your clodhoppers in time for the Wintery Season.
Be creative people! You may even want to upload a picture of your current boots, or burnt out flats……
I know I have a few pairs lurking around that should have been retired a while ago….

Aussie Residents Only