Keep the Bastards Honest.

Hasn’t it been a tumultuous week here in Australia?

I have grown cynical and frustrated with the political climate and really cannot be bothered to get into it so much, when so many have written about it more succinctly than I ever could.

Eden Riley – Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Box

Bianca Wordley – I tell my Girls they can do anything.

Gabrielle Chan – Gillard. The leader we had to have

I had dinner with the Prime Minister a few months back. I sat to her left as we chatted about everything under the sun. I remember asking her this.

“How do you get up everyday and face what you do?”

I was genuinely interested because if it were me, I would hit that snooze button and hide under the doona.

She told me that she just takes each day as it comes, goes to bed, wakes up and takes the day that is handed to her. 

After this week, I think she deserved a bloody holiday.

People assume that because of my social associations with her, that I am some sort of mad Gillard Groupie. But I’m not. I admire her hugely. I can see a strength in her that I long to have.

But I won’t be voting Labour. The alternative fills me with dread. I think I am willing to cop the fine this time around. I don’t know what to do.. *wrings hands*

Someone else that I admire is my Mum. She has been on the local council for 20 years as an independent candidate and is currently under the most hideous, personal and bullying attacks from the local MP Bart Bassett. He loathes her.

I asked her all the time. 

“Why don’t you just chuck it in and play golf?”

And she tells me that she does it for the community. She represents her district fairly and without a personal agenda. She puts up with all the crap that is dished out to her on a weekly basis because at the very heart of what she believes in is fairness and unbiased representation.

Without a personal agenda.

A notion that I think our current crop of politicians could revisit.

Do you agree?