Mum & Dad

These two shared a night of passion 39 years ago, and obviously had a careless attitude to contraception, and as a result….. ME!

They were married for a short time before going on to remarry far more suitable partners, my lovely step-parents, who can far better deal with these firecracker personalities than they can each other.

They say like attracts like, and for a while that was true. The terrible twosome, the life of the party, the loud, funny whirlwinds that they were. The reasons they split is not my story to tell, but over the following years they rebuilt their relationship to the point that they can call each other friends.

And I think that is fucking awesome and something that I am forever grateful for.

Yesterday they came to Grandparents day. I always feel a bit funny when I say “Mum and Dad.” in the same sentences. But when I yelled at them yesterday…

“For Christ’s sake Mum and Dad, we need to go now. You can chat later….” I realised how lucky I was.

So many separations end in such bitterness that can never be resolved.

They sat in the hall, packed with grey heads, front row. They watched Jack perform in his dance group and took about 100 photos. And the end of his performance, Mum could not help herself and screamed out “Go Jack!” before they compared photos.

It is a tale of forgiveness, rebuilding connections, recognising the importance of family and a fondness for a good wine, a belly laugh and moving on.

It is a gift, much like the forgotten prophylactic circa late 1972.

Are your parents divorced?
What is the current state of play in that situation?

Or maybe you might be the one trying to rebuild?
How are you finding it?