Oh, hi there! You have come to see who won the smashing Duo and Rockport giveaway, am I right?
Duo Boots are going to live with Alicia.
The Rockport Flats are off to stay with Belinda Gailbraith.
Congratulations and thanks for all the entries!
Now today I want to talk about underpants. They can be called any of the following: Underwear, briefs, boxers, undies, Reg Grundies, G-String, Tightie Whities, butt huggers, nut huggers, underdaks, knickers and my ultimate worst….


Not the reason I think that this topic is up for discussion is that it has been on my mind following 2 events that have happened in the last 24 hours.

The first is that my washing situation here is so dire, so overwhelming that I knew I was down to my last 2 pairs of undies and as I was doing an online shop, I clicked on a twin pack of undies to be flung in with the groceries.

When they arrived, it was evident that I did not really read the description. This is what I got.
Not ACTUAL set, but there they were. Nanna pants.
I could literally get Bev to come and do a tutorial live on The Today Show, illustrating the best way to fold such a garment, such is their billowy-ness.

I could perhaps use them as extra pillow cases, should the need arise.

These, my friends, are what Bonds Cottontails look like. I whacked on those panties and low and behold, found myself experiencing comfort on a whole new level. Sure, I cannot see myself seducing Mr. Woog in them anytime soon, and if I wanted to I could pull them up and over my breasts and yes, the do hang out the top of my jeans. But the comfort factor far outweighs their other short comings.

Bikini line maintenance is also out the window with these bad boys. 

So, dressed in my cottontails, and other items, we were ready to walk to school this morning. As usual, we did an undies check at the door to make sure that our period of going free-balling to school had well and truly ceased.
Both had undies on and as we started our walk, Jack asked me..

“Why do we have to wear underpants?”

It was actually a decent question, but I answered with…

“To keep your bum warm.”

But he had another idea.

“It is to make sure when you do a poo in your pants it stays in your pants and doesn’t roll out onto the handball court and embarrass you.”

Because walking around packing a turd in your dacks would be just fine… apparently.

What are the state of your smalls?
Are you a matching set type of gal?
Anyone else own up to owning COTTONTAILS?