Weekend Snapshots.

The Mighty Ducks scored their first victory on Friday night, cheered on by an ecstatic crowd. The weather was freezing, the sausage sizzle was completed with fancy caramelised onions and the most prolific try scorer went home with the fancy diamond lipstick pen.

When we first began the season, I was hoping to take out the competition. As time progressed, I was happy to just win one match. But fate is a strange phenomenon, and for some reason which I will not question, The Mighty Ducks have secured the top place in the ladder!

I know! I have no idea how that works, but my original plan might get an airing. I am going to host the boys in the coming weeks to a pizza and movie night where I will screen The Mighty Ducks, and hopefully…. just hopefully, some of that Hollywood Magic will rub off onto them.

With the boys then spending some time with their grandparents, Mr Woog and I hotfooted it to the city to have a night away from dodge. We lunched at Una’s in Darlinghurst and dined on the food of Woog Heritage. My mate Ness says that every time you eat a schnitzel, you may as well just tape the whole thing to your thigh.

I am down with that. Have you been?

Hotel rooms make me happy and this one was no exception. I do not know where they get these beds from at The Diamant but they were like sleeping on a thousand slumbering kittens. A great little hotel in the Cross, I liked it a lot.

But I am not a fan of the Cross. It is so seedy, and the only redeeming features are the abundance of kebab shops. Thank god for Potts Point.

Another thing you can do when you run away from home and pretend you are young and cool even though you are wearing ballet flats and a sensible pant while walking through the Cross, is to visit a lovely wine bar and splurge on a glass of something special. 

We went to Monopole and for a split second, you might think that you are in Paris. Very cool, very friendly with excellent wine by the glass. Perched up at the bar, eating olives, Mr Woog and I came to the conclusion that we should never bitch about anything ever again. Life was indeed pretty good.

We wandered a few more blocks and turned up at our mates place for dinner.

Chris and Kesh were very capable hosts, with Kesh, he of Singaporean Indian heritage, cooking up about 5 dishes which were amazing. Washed that down with a few more wines, and it was suggested that we go out for a dance.

Mr. Woog and I looked at eat other. The man does not dance, and I dance like a crazy woman, but it would be breaking our social rule, which is…

Always leave while you are having a good time.
Never change venues.

And that could not be truer of that evening. We went to that old establishment Kinsellas, in Taylor Square. I had not been there since I was a whipper snapper and as we filed in past the bouncer, he plucked Kesh out from our posse and said that he could not come into the venue.

No reason. Apart from the colour of his skin.

I don’t know much about anything, but I know that racism is alive and well on the streets of Sydney at 10.45pm. I took it as a sign to leave.

See you much later. You assholes.
Last night, I crawled into bed with the Woogettes and watched Masterchef. They had a thousand questions about sexism and why the two teams were baiting each other so ridiculously. I told them that the world was strange, and wonderful. And with all the range of crazy in between, I only hope that they grow up to be decent people.

And avoid a career in hotel security.

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