Slide Show

Sometimes I look back through the photos that I take and ask myself…

“Why would you take a photo of that?”

And I will tell you why. Because when you are devoid of words you can share them on your blog. SWEET!

Ok. So this is for the DIY folk out there. Paint. Yes, paint. There is this fancy, special paint called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It is basically paint for idiots who cannot be bothered to prep, sand, undercoat and then painstakingly paint.

With this paint, you just literally whack it on. If you notice in these before and after photos, the same pile of dirty washing is in the hallway. This little project took and hour from paint to dry.

I will warn you though, it is fairly addictive and check out the colours! I used Greek Blue. What is your favourite?

Jack requested some white pants, which is ridiculous. 

So of course I got him some, and look at the happiness! So worth the Napisan Investment.

Been weaning myself off Diet Coke. Have you ever tried to? It is HARD!

Got sent some clothes from label Sara to wear on the telly, because I have not much fancy tv worthy clothes in ye olde closet. It has been a godsend not having to worry about what to wear. 

Sooo what else……

Oh so Garnier, who sponsor this blog, sent me their latest addition to their famous BB Cream Range.  A little tube of BB Concealer that you apply under your eyes.  I fully endorse. It is $13.95 and is out now, but only just. Keep your eyes peeled (and bright!)

I thought I was so clever and funny when I whacked this photo I took up onto the Blogs Facebook page, asking them which public figure it was suppose to represent. I thought they would NEVER get it.

It took one clever clogs 4 seconds to respond with Camilla Parker-Bowls. Get it? Parker coffee table? Bowl? Of course you do. I need to up my cryptic game…

Aunty Pat sent me a bragging birthday card….

And Russell Hobbs sent me a fancy toaster that toasts as good as my el-cheapo but has glass sides so you don’t burn the bejesus out of your bread.  Nifty hey! And no, there is no actual Russell Hobbs. They are two different people. I checked.

Got a strange comment on my latest recipe post, telling me about how wasteful I am with celery… But that lady does not know about my secret weapons in celery unwastefullness……

And FINALLY, it is my birthday eve. It feels like it has been going on FOREVER, which is of course fantastic. Several people have informed me, with authority, that you actually have a 40th Birthday Month. My girlfriends are taking me out for dinner tonight and tomorrow, the actual day, I am celebrating with a long, family lunch out at Mums.

Thank you for looking at my mundane 
slide show.

Any questions?

Yes, you with your hand up. In the funny hat……..