Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Mr Woog and I were friends for a while before we hooked up. I fancied the pants off him but thought my feelings were one sided until he jumped on me one night and professed his love. I was extremely relieved.

That was nearly 20 years ago.

But things have not always been so direct when it came to matters of the heart.

I recall being at a mixed school camp when I was in year 5. A boy from another school fell for my bucktoothed, dorky charm and declared so to me in front of everyone. He called me Emma for some reason, and I didn’t correct him because I fancied the Swatch Watch off him. So I was Emma for a few days until he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth.

I immediately banished him from my life. Which was easy to do as camp was over. Looking back I could see that he was just throwing it all on the line for a bit of bragging rights. This I totally get.

One of my son’s has developed the ability to fall in love at first sight. It is swift and it is hard and he does not mind letting the object of his affection know about it.

It is based purely on aesthetics and I hope, with all my heart, that this changes soon. 

Harry always asks me whether I was a dork at school. I tell him yes, and that I married a dork and there was a good chance he will be a dork, because dork + dork = dork squared.

And dorks are cool and grow up to be interesting people.

That is the theory anyway.

Harry has been acting as somewhat of a love note courier for his brother while here on holidays. The target is a lovely looking lady who works in the front desk. Jack is smitten.

I worry about Jack’s heart. And if it will be smashed as he gets older. I think being direct is quite a good thing but I also dread to think what he will be like as a teenager.

What about you?
Are/were you coy or direct?
How did you and your beloved get together?

And Ian Bliss, if you are reading this, the names Woog. 
Mrs. Woog.