Why are women so bitchy?

My mate Jo sent me this on Friday.

It made me wet my pants a bit, because I was doing just that when I saw it. I immediately snapped myself in the same position.

Before I realised that you could see the zit that I home facialled just moments before, I whacked her up onto the WoogsWorld Facebook page and invited readers, that if indeed they were sitting exactly like this, to do the same.

It was really nice to see women, just like me, doing the exact same thing. That community is very cool, or at least I thought so.

I got this email shortly after.

I just got an email in my “Other” inbox. I’m assuming its from one of your followers. She said “Nice photo – you narcissistic bitch. Love yourself much?”.

I’m gutted. I took the pic down. What’s wrong with women? I’m 48 years old. I lost nearly 70kg to look like I do now. There would have been a time I never would have posted my real pic online.

I’m not on a lot of “womens” pages. I find them to be very bitchy and quite childish. But your page is different, well it was, until now.

The person who sent me the email used a fake name account so its pointless exposing them. I just think its sad that women drag each other down so much. My story would make the average soul cry buckets. I’ve earned my spot in Heaven because I was born into Hell. The struggles I’ve endured to get to where I am now. An ageing mum with two small boys who are my entire world. I’m a good person. I didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry that your reader felt so intimidated and small by a simple pic of a happy woman who worked damn hard to earn her smile. 

Ah decency! Where for out thou?

It has bothered me since and I have been desperately searching my brain to find the answers as to why someone would do such a thing.

Are they full of self loathing and get some sort of thrill by trying to bring someone down?

Working on the internet, it is something I see on a daily basis, and it is almost always women.

What is wrong with us?

The old saying, If you don’t have anything nice to say etc etc etc has no place in the online world it seems.

Me? Oh I have grown a thick skin and have learnt to navigate the negativeness, but it has taken some time.

But to see grown women take to online bullying in such a way, IN MY OWN BACKYARD, well, it makes me want to puke.

So, please help me understand dear internet.

Why are women so bitchy?

Have you ever been cyber-bullied?

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. Normal mundane activity to recommence shortly.

EDITED TO ADD – The lovely lady in question has put her picture back up. She is humbled by all your beautiful comments.

I need a wine…..

  • I once stood up to a woman bullying the staff at a Nail Salon. I was 32 weeks pregnant with sciatica and sitting on a small stool watching it all unfold. I don’t understand why we are our own biggest enemies at times. We go through tremendous feats in life that men don’t have to endure half the time. We should be celebrating each other along the way – not taking the time to set up a fake facebook account and saying this sort of non-sense. Who has time for that?? http://motherhoodherald.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/adult-temper-tantrums.html

  • Lynette Scott

    Grrrrr, this type of bullying really pisses me off. People who are just plain AWFUL to others. Reminds me of the NASTY e-mail I got when I was fundraising for THP and a trip to Bangladesh (I funded the trip myself but had to raise $10,000 for The Hunger Project as part of my commitment) I got an e-mail through my website telling me to fund my own fucking holiday and charity begins at home and we shouldn’t be helping these lowlifes in other countries……hmmmmm I tracked the e-mail through my web site manager and it was sent from one of my best friends HUSBANDS!!! grrrrrrrrr

  • casey

    I think the concept of ‘entitled to an opinion’ and ‘speak your mind’ has been taken too far. Yeah you can think a dress is ugly and is unflattering but it doesnt mean you can say ‘that dress makes you look like a fat mole with 2 asses’. Showing restraint can be a good thing.

    Also, if you have to post anon it means you know you’re being an asshole 9/10 times.

    • Casey you have completely hit the nail on the head. Thank you x

  • Dear Baby G

    I just don’t get it. I can count my women friends on one hand because of this very reason. It’s also something I have struggled with this week, narcissistic bitches. My belief is that they do this just to build themselves up to feel better. Real women know that doesn’t last or work. Hugs to you Mrs W x

    • Thanks love. I like to have mates that make me feel good about myself, flaws and all. Have no time for hate, but this example shat me off no end xx