Best and Worst.

The last week of Wintery has been anything but Wintery. I have been topping up the old vitamin D as much as possible. It is such an effective mood lifter. Natures own anti-depressant of you ask me.

Cath has won the Supercheap Auto Promotion with this little nugget.

My dads a joker. Just the other day while driving past some black and white cows. “Boy it must be cold out there. Those cows are friesan”. Gotta love him. He’s going to milk this one for all its worth. 

What else has happened this week?

Well I am so glad you asked!


I have found myself as part of a little radio gig with Wendy Harmer! Watching her work that microphone is a complete treat. It is probably akin to watching that bloke who is now a squillionare because of macarons, make macarons.

It has fast become my favourite part of the week. This week, Angela Catterns was in, and I got to spend the first half hour of the show watching these two birds laugh at each other, because of each other and over the top of each other.

The studio is, and this is going to sound weird, in a glass box in the middle of VIVO Cafe in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. No shit. Like a gold fish bowl.

This week I was on with my old uni friend and fellow blogger Kim from All-Consuming. We talked about getting fat, staying fat, butter, thinking about how to get rid of the fat as well as other stuff.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Do not let that innocent look fool you! Since moving from the city, where rats were the local delicacy, Chuy’s diet has expanded! 

Rabbit Season!

There are so many bunnies about, although one less everyday. I have tried EVERYTHING to halt the slaughter. It is upsetting me no end. He is bought inside at night and howls at the door before settling down on Harry’s Bed.

As the dawn breaks, Mr Woog leaves for work early and lets him out. And this is when the crime takes place.  I have tried feeding him heaps, so I know he is not hungry. I fear the only thing left to do is to build one of those cat run thingy’s. 

Which will actually legittimatly turn this place into a zoo.


This is a little bit thrilling. It was his dream to write Children’s Books and it just goes to show that if you stick with your idea, and never give up, then you can do anything!

Look at the happiness!

Andrew also illustrated it, because CLEVER!

You can pre-order it here. 

I guarantee it be a better read that my first (and final) attempt at writing kids books. This was a story about a boy who made a sled out of a doghouse. I believe the 10,000 copies have since been pulped and  are enjoying time at the bottom of a huge land fill creator somewhere in Southern China,


This one has shot up over the last month or so. I watched him play soccer on the street the other evening. His long sleeved t-shirt had shrunk into a 3/4 sleeve belly top. I had to top up his clothing options during the week, and now he is officially a Targay Size 14! We wear the same sized shoe! 


I am heading into Spring, starting with the School Spring Fair, which was timed for tomorrow when the original Federal Election was supposed to take place. There has been plenty of pearl clutching around these parts. Apparently it is bigger than Ben Hur.

I am on the Wine and Cheese stall. 

Who has a wine and cheese stall at a school fete?

We do. Swing by. I pour generously!

Over to you.
What has been the best and worst of your week?