Jokers, Geeks and Handymen.

Here is my Mum with her two husbands. And before you ask, no. Not in the polyandry type of way. One after the other. In succession.

And yes, it appears that she is drawn to a specific type, one who likes to wear big hats and stripy shirts.

This was snapped on Father’s Day. The dad holding the cat bum sharpener is responsible for half of my genetic makeup and the dad without the cat bum sharpener is Mum’s second husband, and my much-adored step-dad.

Although they may appear similar, they are very different when it comes to buying pressies for. But both would agree that spending time with family is the best gift of all on Father’s Day.

When it comes to Dads, the 5 top celebrities that Aussie Dad’s relate to are as follows.*

My Dad would be closest to Phil Dunphy, prankster and gadgets. S-Dad would be Tim Allen, complete with tie, tools and no knowledge on how to use them.

So we have 5 categories. The legitimate handyman, the novice handyman, the gadget freak, the geek and the joker. You would probably be able to slot your dad under one of these labels, no?

So, armed with this information, I went cyber shopping for my dads and came up with the following options from Supercheap Auto
Dad likes to have a beer and is conscious of the resulting BG (beer gut) so I think this might assist in keeping that to a minimum!

Ridgeback Mountain Bike. $139.00

And for my beloved S-Dad, I was thinking about something along the lines of this….

Karcher Pressure Cleaner $128.00

Mainly because I think Mum would LOVE it if he would use it regularly, and it is as simple to operate as a vacuum cleaner.

According to research conducted by Supercheap Auto, more than half of Aussie Dad’s prefer a practical present. Socks and jocks are not particularly loved or loathed, but don’t you think we can do better than that?
10% of Dad’s like a gag gift.

One in 8 will go empty handed…

While 10% of Aussie Dads would like a new tool for the shed.


With thanks to Supercheap Auto, I am giving away a $250 Voucher for you to spend on your Dad. (or your partner?) To enter, just answer the following question.

What sort of Dad do/did you have? The joker? The Geek? Or your partner? What is he like?

And what does he do to prove your suspicions?
With thanks to

Open to Australian Residents Only.

Winner will be judged by the good folk at Supercheap Auto.

Winner announced on Friday 30th August.

This is a quick one, so SCOOT!

*Research was conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of Supercheap Auto between 2-7 August, 2013