Mundane Alert – How to wash Rugby Jerseys.

Hand on my heart, I can tell you that there is not more mundane chore than doing the washing. Over the past few years, I have blogged about it, Facebooked it, instagrammed it and bitched and moaned about it to anyone who cared to listen to me.

Evidence collected over the years.
Which was usually no one, because everyone has to deal with washing as well.
So when Vanish NapiSan came on board as a blog sponsor, it was a bit of a match made in heaven, albeit a mundane one. I use it everyday, I think it is the best product of it’s sort on the market and, since having become the keeper of the Mighty Ducks Jerseys and all of their inground filth at the end of each match, I do have a vested interest.

My little duckling

It is interesting to note that one of the most popular posts on WoogsWorld was about washing, and how I was ready to throw a match to my laundry pile and join a nudist colony. Advice came in thick and fast and proved very helpful when it came to my own ambitions of finally reaching the peak of Mount Washmore.

Here are some of the reader’s tips about how they best manage this never-ending situation…

NEVER FOLD THE SHEETS! I just wash them before lunch, line dry them by afternoon tea and put them STRAIGHT back on the bed. I figure 1 pair of sheets used constantly will wear out twice as quick as 2 pairs alternated, but I’ll get to that second set after the first set are well dead.

The secret? Minimal baskets, so that stuff doesn’t back up. Take the clothes from the bathroom/bedroom floor and put them straight in the machine, when it’s full, turn it on. Separating colours is for wussies, I live dangerously around here!

I know of a mum who became so overwhelmed by her washing pile that she chucked the lot in the swimming pool.

I have also taught my children the art of using baby wipes on minor stains and lots of airing of clothes on a clotheshorse in their bedroom.

Do a load only when you have enough to fill the machine. This is environmentally responsible.

When you go to hang it up, fill the emptied laundry basket with the next load. Empty the new load into a basket you keep next to the machine. Put the clean wet clothes into your portable basket. Put the next load on immediately.

When you hang your clothes out, make sure the socks are paired and hung out next to each other. That way you can ball them as they come off the line.

If there is still more laundry to go, fill your portable basket with the next load immediately.

When taking dry clothes off the line, ball the socks as you go. 

Take any linen cupboard type items off last and fold them right there. That way when you go back into the house they go straight into the linen cupboard, immediately!

Sort and fold your clean laundry while watching something you like on TV. As soon as the children are old enough, get them to put their clothes away in their drawers. Mine have been doing this since they were about five.

Wash each day

Don’t separate colours or anything.

Hang every single thing up on a coat hanger.  Take everything straight off the line and hang up in cupboard straight away = no ironing at all! Ever!

When it all gets too much throw it all in the car and take it to a Laundromat and pay for a SERVICE WASH!!!!

I particularly like the notion of a service wash, but it is just not practical when you kids have no socks for school tomorrow. But it did give me some really good insights into how to keep on top of things.

If you’ve done your wash and your filthy stains are still there head to the Tip Exchange where people more capable than I can tell you how to get rid of them.

But, back to those jerseys. Here is my secret to keeping them FRESH!

It’s very simple. Load up the machine and pour in a cap of Vanish NapiSan. Stick it onto a normal cycle. After the machine has filled up and has started the wash cycle, press pause or turn off the washing machine and leave it overnight.

Next morning, resume your wash and…. RESULT!
Vanish NapiSan has created an online community called The Tip Exchange, where you can share your ideas on muck removal and all things washing related.

Add your own tips, or shoot over to find the answer to any mundane stain situation you might have going on at your place.