On Trend.

Been spending some time looking through old albums. Remember albums? When you took your roll of film into the camera place and came back a few days later… were handed an envelope which contained a couple of shots along with a dozen of the inside of your handbag?

Do you remember the when it was all the rage to have disposable cameras on tables at weddings, so the bride and groom could later get them developed so see what they were missing out on? And inevitably some goon would have taken it into the toilet and filled it up with shots of their own asshole.

Remember that? Or did I just go to some very average weddings…

I digress.

Flicking though those albums,  I came across this shot.

This is me, modelling some garments from my Mum’s Business called Shirt Tales. Mum would sew felt birds and animals onto sweatshirts and then sell them door to door style, to willing boutiques.


I liked to team mine with a skivvy and a half up, half down side ponytail, a hairstyle which I am now determined to bring back to the forefront of Australian Fashion. It is a look that will suit everyone.

Seriously saucy!

Versatile. Sporty OR chic.

If there is enough interest out there in people ordering sweatshirts with felt birds and animals, AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS, let me know. We just might crank up the old Singer and see if we cannot resurrect Shirt Tales 2.0.

They say that fashion always works in cycles, so why have we not seen this in stores lately?

It is a crying shame. No wonder the economy is fucked.

So, Possum? Cockatoo? Or the very popular Pink and Grey bird that I am holding up there? That was the first one always to sell.

Go on, give me your size! And how in heavens would YOU accessorise your felt bird sweater?

PS I forgot to mention that the animals and birds had hand applied plastic, beady eyes as well, just in case that might swing your decision making. Quality.