Peacocks and Paisleys

Just a few months ago, my g-grade rugby team The Mighty Ducks, could barely carry a ball and run in a straight line, but after last night’s thrashing that we delivered, there is a very good chance that we may even play in the semis!


Last night’s pen, in all its magnificence!

Tres bien!

We shot up the highway straight after the game so I could contain my raging PMT to the confines of a small coastal village. I have been collecting a few things for the old girl. She is being tarted up as I am going to rent her out for weekends soon.

GIRLIE WEEKENDS! The best type of weekends…

I also had on board, a very special present from a very special lady.

I was surprised by a delivery during the week. Newcastle based small business Peacocks and Paisleys, run buy the lovely Priya, got in contact with me a while ago saying she had a pressie for me.

Peacocks and Paisleys designs absolutely exquisite linens and Priya designed a very special quilt for me with Jabba in mind. When I opened the parcel, I am not afraid to say that I shed a small tear.

There are so many gorgeous, thoughtful people in the world.

I read trash at Jabba. I know….

All cotton, hand printed and just beautiful. I am seeing out my filthy hormonal rampage under it all weekend, and I can tell you it is just the tonic.

Priya send me this very special pressie as a gift and I was under no expectation to blog about it whatsoever. I just love her stuff and think you might too.