Last night Harry and Mr Woog came back from Rugby Training and gorged on the pizza I had so thoughtfully ordered for them.

I asked how it went, and a grunted “good….” was all I got back.

I was quite bored as the Foxtel was fucking up and so decided, for some strange reason, to play a prank on the Ducks coach, Mr Walsh.

My iphone was whipped out and before I knew it, I had tippity tapped out a little message about several concerns I had about his performance and pressed send.  

A few minutes later I received a very formal and polite message back, very concerned with my concerns. Puzzled… would be a good word to use here.

I waited a while before I texted back that I was kidding and then I kind of copped it a bit. I suspect retribution will be swift. 

Which brings me to the crux of this post. Pranks.

You either like them or loathe them. Me? LOVE THEM! I love doing them and having them played out on me.

To play an effective prank, you need to understand your mark. The person must mutually share the playfulness of the prank which is why you should NEVER EVER PLAY A PRANK ON A STRANGER. Bad things can happen as we all know.

The best pranks are often spontaneous and should be over quickly, to minimise any potential permanent psychological damage.

To demonstrate my immaturity at times, my all-time most appreciated prank is of course…… the streaker.

I HOWL, jump up and down and roll around on the ground. 

I think the best time I got pranked was when I was at uni. I fell hard for this handsome fella and invited him over for dinner. I had to go and pick him up in the Nissan Skyline (called Fluffuffity) and as I drove him towards our house, I noticed all the lights were off, all bar a dull glow shining out of the bottom of the door.

The object of my affection and I opened to door to find the hallway lined with candles. My two flatmates were standing solemnly holding weeds picked from the garden and the Wedding March was playing softly in the background.


Understandably, it was our first, and last, date.

What about you?
What is the best prank you have been involved in?