The Bra Queen is in the house!

I was working away last week when something started irritating my chin. I looked down to see the underwire of my bra had escaped and was heading north.

The state of my *ahem* lingerie was dire, so I immediately went online and bought a bra. I started counting A, B, C, D, DD, E etc in my head until I got to a place in the alphabet that I thought my girls would be comfortable. I likened the whole process to playing darts after 7 martinis.

Bra arrived and of course it was way off base. It was HUGE! 

So I have enlisted the help of the best boob blogger in the land, The Bra Queen, Renee, to guide you though the process of buying hooter hammocks online.

Meantime, I have my Melbourne Cup Headwear sorted.

Duck face with slight cross eye. Geeze I am hot..


I’m not really sure what it worse…attempting bra shopping with a kid at your heels, going in and out of the dressing room so the entire store can see your girls and randomly knocking over everything in the store leaving, a trail of destruction. 

Or searching endlessly online scouring pages and pages trying to find a bra and crossing for fingers to find one that fits??? 

My aim for this post is to give you everything you need to go bra shopping online without the need for several vodkas and a valium first. 

Firstly before you even enter the bra shopping online arena you need to know your bra shape and your bra size. What most women don’t know is that knowing your bra shape is just as important as your bra size. Often it’s not a size issue, it’s a shape issue. 

 How to find your bra shape.

 What it should look like.

 Tip: Stand side on in the mirror and your nipples should be half way between your elbow and your shoulder. If they’re any lower your girls need a lift! 

Most women think they’re bigger around the back then they actually are so don’t be surprised if you need to go down in your band size. 

If you want to know how to find your bra size you can download my (free) App or read this post. 

Know the bra shapes available and what’s going to work for you!

Bras can generally be broken down into three basic categories. 

There are other types of bras, of course, but most of them are mainly variations on one of these three. 

The Balcony/Balconette Bra I describe it as the ones that have a sweetheart neckline. Balcony bras have fans worldwide, although they’re generally referred to as balconette bras within the international market. Whatever you call them, these bras combine sexy cleavage with good old-fashioned values like support and comfort. A balcony bra pushes the breasts up to create great lift and a flattering cleavage, but maintains a more traditional bra shape on the bottom. This combination means that balcony bras work on almost any body type or breast shape, making them one of the most popular bra types in the world. 

The Plunge Bra Plunge bras started out as the sexy sister of the bra world, but they’ve now gone mainstream. As fashions get smaller, we need our plunge bras more than ever. If you’ve ever seen a lingerie ad, you may believe that a plunge bra is defined by crazy cleavage and tiny straps. The only thing that defines a plunge bra is a lower centre gore (the tiny firm connector between the cups, if you’re not a bra-aholic like me), making them great to wear under v-neck shirts and low cut dresses. 

If you have soft breast tissue due to weight loss or pregnancy, you may have a hard time finding a plunge bra that works for you. Look for bras with narrow wires to help keep everything in place. It’s a handy bra to have in your lingerie drawer. 

The Full Cup Bra used to be the only type of bras. Unfortunately this has made the full cup bra the choice of grandmothers everywhere, which hasn’t helped it gain a following among the young and fashionable. Full cup bras have come a long way from the bullet bra days and now feature everything from white cotton to colourful fabrics with sheer cups. 

Full cup bras are often combined with minimising construction techniques to create a great basic foundation under clothing. Whether you’re a fan of nude bras or crazy patterned ones, there is a full cup bra out there for you. 

Tip: A bra myth/ marketing ploy for larger cups sizes is they want “minimising” bras but every bra fitted correctly is minimising because of the lift it will give you and the forward projection, leaving you with a shapely silhouette. 

The reason I am so passionate about lingerie is because I think it’s a small thing we can do to make ourselves feel good, everyday (even if you’re doing mundane things). 

There is a bra for every body, every shape, every size and every personality. Everyday bras can still be pretty and make you feel great without you wanting to rip it off at the end of the day.

 Finding your bras and shopping online! 

A lot of people wonder why bras are more expensive in Australia because they can buy them cheaper overseas. It comes down to tax and freight, the mark up on bras is really quite small when we’re talking about imported bras. 

Companies that manufacture their own bras and sell direct to consumers have a ridiculous mark up and don’t even get me started on that! 

Back to you… 

 For smaller cups sizes I really like Fine Lines for a basic range, they now have launched a range that goes up to a G Cup called Blest. They are well made and they are affordable and have a shape for everybody. 

One of my favourite lingerie companies is Mimi Holliday because I believe they are the master at the Balcony bra and they are just divine. 

For larger cups and small back sizes I love Freya, Fantastie, Panache and Cleo. Their sizes all range from an Australian size 6 to 18 and cup size C to J. 

For ‘plus size’ my all time favourite is Elomi Lingerie, having said that Goddess are coming out with same really lovely bras in beautiful colours. 

My favourite Australian online stores 

Debra’s Lingerie – Deb and her team are the pioneers in finding a bra for everybody and they are passionate about it. 

Nicci Smalls – They have a really great range of lingerie, she has really worked hard to offer smaller cups sizes a great range. Lingerie collections that isn’t readily available in Australia. 

Storm in a D Cup – Esther and her team are a lovely bunch of girls who help the Busty girls in Australia. 

Intimate Couture also have a great site with a great range. 

International Online Site, Bravissimo is also fab! 

I think it’s worth noting that Bra Queen never accepts money for recommendations nor are we affiliated in any way. They are lingerie stores/ brands who I know and have experienced, all reviews are completely unbiased. 

 Renee Mayne 
Bra Queen, Lingerie Expert & Lingerie Business Mentor.
“Immersed in all things lingerie, I love it because I believe it’s a small thing you can do that makes you feel great….everyday. I believe in stereo UN typical success and everyone needs to define what success looks like for them. Success for me is to make a difference to everyday lives, that’s what lingerie does…that is what I always aspire to do.”

Please note that Renee will be hanging around Woogsworld this weekend to answer any boobage questions you might have.

So make the most of this excellent opportunity to get advice from the best boob wrangler in the business!