The Impossible Dream.

In a warm 22 degree morning, the Ducks assembled at Balmoral to play the first of their semi finals. The fanciness of the place was reflected in the $20 that one had to pay for parking.

Mr Woog and I drove around for a bit, searching for a vacant spot when a small but vicious fight erupted between us.  Jack asked if we were going to break up, and I told him I was thinking about it.

We alighted from the car and I immediately felt large and unkempt. The general population of Balmoral were out in all of their finest. Walking dogs with swishy ponytails and tight buttocks encased in expensive bike-type pants.

This was a sudden death semi-final and I was a bit nervous.  I was not the only one.

I was not ready to finish the season. A season which saw my rabble of players, at the very beginning, stumbling around like drunk ducklings, unable to run and hold a ball at the same time.

The under ten G Grade. A,B,C,D,E,F……. G!

Each week, we made improvements. I remember laughing when I wrote the first match report, suggesting that we may take out the premiership. A pipe dream, pie in the sky. To dream, the impossible dream.

The game started and the opposition went over their try line straight away. This is never a good way to start a match, particularly A SUDDEN DEATHER.

Coach Hutto, Coach Jim and myself were on the opposite side of the oval to all of the parents. This was quite a good thing I think, because when they get stressed, profanities spew forth from their lips with passion and regularity.

The first ten minutes were owned by the opposition and then something happened. We started playing like a team.

The boys and Rosie were brilliant. Rosie made the most spectacular tackle on this big unit of a front rower, which bought him to the ground, where he had to stay for a while to recover. She also maintained her speed in 6th gear, causing her to score a try as well. 

Try after try, conversion after conversion until the full time whistle went and WE HAD WON!

There were tears, hugs, much smooshing of heads. Lolly snakes were eaten and the Pen of the Week was presented to Rosie.

Grasshopper wisdom

So the Mighty Ducks HAVE risen like a Pheonix from the Ashes over the course of the season, and with one more semi.. AND THEN DO I DARE TO DREAM… the grand final to come, I present you with our team anthem….