We need to talk about Kevin.

Last Friday I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, when I received an extraordinary invitation.

Would I like to have coffee with our Prime Minister’s wife, the formidable Therese Rein?

I called Mum to see if she would like to come along. But she was with one of her best mate’s Jennie, and Jennie was wearing jeans, but could Jennie come as well?

I told them that we would suck it and see, and if Jennie was not allowed into Kirribilli House wearing jeans, she could hang out on the road like a vagrant.

On the way to Kirribilli, we pulled up at the lights where Mum announced her displeasure about the fact that the sunlight was bouncing off some hairs growing from her chin. She then asked me to remove them. I declined as, well to be honest I really didn’t feel like plucking Mum’s Beard.

I know genes are strong in our family, and one day I will sport a fine beard of my own, of which I will be fully responsible for it’s maintenance.  I am not interested in tending to anyone else’s at present.

Turns out Therese did not mind Jennie and her jeans at all, and we spent quite some time drinking tea and chewing the fat about so many different things. I dropped the f bomb just the once accidentally and fell asleep a bit when the conversation turned to gardening, and Edna Walling.

After a while, I had to go and get the boys from school so we bade farewell to our host. I was 95% confident that she did not consider me to be a raving lunatic or a pyramid sales person, and gingerly suggested, asked, if I could perhaps interview her? If she wouldn’t mind?

Absolutely no problem at all if she was too busy, I totally understand? I mean, who do I think I am? Jana Wendt? The gall of some random, suburban Mum taking up the time of Australia’s First Lady so close to a very close election?


She said that that would be great, and how did 10am the next day sound.

And that is how I ended up, on a sunny Saturday Morning interviewing Therese Rein while Jack did cartwheels on the lawns of Kirribilli House.

We needed to talk about Kevin.


And I would love the chance to chat with Margie Abbott, if she has a spare half hour. I will even pick up a couple of coffees on the way.

*The interview was shot on Therese’s friends iPhone and was edited by said friend.