Eye Rolling

On a daily basis, I am on the receiving end of an eye roll. They mainly come from my kids. Things that cause them to eye roll me include, but are not limited to, the following.

·      When I sing.

·      When I ask them to take the garbage out.

·      When I ask them to do their homework.

·      When, on receiving the request of a snack, I point to the fruit      bowl.

·      When I suggest a bath might be in order.

·      When I pull the nit comb out each Sunday for a critter check.

But, when the shoe is on the other foot, things that cause my peepers to do a 360, is thus.

·      When I get my electricity bill.

·      When I watch the news.

·      When Mr Woog talks about gardening or motorbikes.

·      When I accidently listen to talkback radio.

·      When people tell me that green smoothies are delicious.

·      When people tell me about their exercise régime.

·      Kale, quinoa, carob and all things associated.

And when I do not get enough sleep and I look in the mirror and am greeted by two eye rolling eyeballs, shadowed by a silvery purple hue. It is probably a sign that I should start listening to people’s exercise regimes and green smoothie consumption while taking notes and implementing their tactics, but I am a realist. And take shortcuts where I can.

I conducted an informal poll on the Facebook Page the other day, asking the gang which Garnier product was their favourite. There was a landslide victory to this old stalwart.

Moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation in one without the heavy, mask like finish. This is used every single day on my face. Love it.
But did you know there is new, younger cousin on the shelf that can help you take your face to the next level?

This little tube is an eye roller, much like most people living under this roof, but it will not give you any attitude at all.

 Apply your BB cream as usual. Grab the little tube and roll liberally under your eyes. The cold roller will help to de-puff the area. Then, using your pinkie fingers, start on the inside corners of your eyes and pat, pat pat. DO NOT SMEAR ROUGHLY as you will just end up rubbing it all over the shop.
Pat, pat, pat, little blending. Done. Sorted. Ready to face any eye rolling coming your way.

For the first time, Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-on combines Haloxyl, an active ingredient that fights dark circles and reduces puffiness, with mineral pigments that unify and smooth the skin for a perfect look in just one application!

Chuck it in your trolley next time you hit the shops and give it a try. $13.95. Bargain.
The Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-on is part of two fantastic Garnier Hampers* that I am giving away. 

To enter, simply tell me a quick yarn about what makes you roll your eyes.

Open to Australian residents.

Winners will be chosen on creativity and will be announced on OCTOBER 1st, where I will also be telling you another story, sponsored by Garnier, about the time I spend 40 minutes dying my hair the exact shade of grey I was trying to eliminate.