Eye Rolling

On a daily basis, I am on the receiving end of an eye roll. They mainly come from my kids. Things that cause them to eye roll me include, but are not limited to, the following.

·      When I sing.

·      When I ask them to take the garbage out.

·      When I ask them to do their homework.

·      When, on receiving the request of a snack, I point to the fruit      bowl.

·      When I suggest a bath might be in order.

·      When I pull the nit comb out each Sunday for a critter check.

But, when the shoe is on the other foot, things that cause my peepers to do a 360, is thus.

·      When I get my electricity bill.

·      When I watch the news.

·      When Mr Woog talks about gardening or motorbikes.

·      When I accidently listen to talkback radio.

·      When people tell me that green smoothies are delicious.

·      When people tell me about their exercise régime.

·      Kale, quinoa, carob and all things associated.

And when I do not get enough sleep and I look in the mirror and am greeted by two eye rolling eyeballs, shadowed by a silvery purple hue. It is probably a sign that I should start listening to people’s exercise regimes and green smoothie consumption while taking notes and implementing their tactics, but I am a realist. And take shortcuts where I can.

I conducted an informal poll on the Facebook Page the other day, asking the gang which Garnier product was their favourite. There was a landslide victory to this old stalwart.

Moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation in one without the heavy, mask like finish. This is used every single day on my face. Love it.
But did you know there is new, younger cousin on the shelf that can help you take your face to the next level?

This little tube is an eye roller, much like most people living under this roof, but it will not give you any attitude at all.

 Apply your BB cream as usual. Grab the little tube and roll liberally under your eyes. The cold roller will help to de-puff the area. Then, using your pinkie fingers, start on the inside corners of your eyes and pat, pat pat. DO NOT SMEAR ROUGHLY as you will just end up rubbing it all over the shop.
Pat, pat, pat, little blending. Done. Sorted. Ready to face any eye rolling coming your way.

For the first time, Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-on combines Haloxyl, an active ingredient that fights dark circles and reduces puffiness, with mineral pigments that unify and smooth the skin for a perfect look in just one application!

Chuck it in your trolley next time you hit the shops and give it a try. $13.95. Bargain.
The Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll-on is part of two fantastic Garnier Hampers* that I am giving away. 

To enter, simply tell me a quick yarn about what makes you roll your eyes.

Open to Australian residents.

Winners will be chosen on creativity and will be announced on OCTOBER 1st, where I will also be telling you another story, sponsored by Garnier, about the time I spend 40 minutes dying my hair the exact shade of grey I was trying to eliminate.


  • Sarah Neal

    When I’m playing netball, the umpires reprimanding me for back chatting….
    When I’m umpiring netball, the players back chatting…

  • Tracey Blok-Earl

    When my colour blind husband (seriously) argues with me about selecting wall paint colour shades……..

  • andrea

    When I am watching something important like RHONJ and the station is changed to the football.

  • tg

    3 questions. What car do you drive? Do you want to see the plans to our house renovation? Where are you sending the kids when they go to high school?

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    The best eye roller at the moment…… when I have heard the SAME song 6 times being practiced on the piano by miss 10 who then tells me that yes, she has practiced her whole list of songs and scales. Not really. Not even a little bit

  • Narelle Rock

    when my brother-in-law comes to visit and makes a massive mess in our house or keeps me up late at night snoring!

  • Averil

    When people get all preachy about giving up sugar/gluten/dairy. Yawn. Pass me another slice of cake.

  • Alison von Bibra

    People who start sentences with “Well I’m not the type of person to gossip but…….”

  • rachelmp

    when my 19 year old son actually uses the phone to ask how to vote

  • Kylie

    My eyes roll when I ask my son to get ready for school and he’s so sulky, you’d think it’s the first time in his life he’s ever heard such a thing.

  • When I’m already in trouble for eye rolling the first time…needless to say I get in more trouble!!! 😉 Also, when my husband says, “We need to talk about something…” but doesn’t tell me what. Ugh! I want to eye roll just thinking about it!

  • Jess Hoskins

    Nothing gets my eyes rolling like when my Husband starts banging on about his next sporting comeback. I love his competitive nature but not the injuries. His most recent footy comeback resulted in concussion and crutches, our second child was 2 weeks old! Lucky footy season has finished, for this year anyway

  • deb xo

    Oooh lets see, my sisters incesant complaining about having no money, only to find out she had a boob job last week. Not only did my eye’s roll, I think my head did a whole 360.

  • Today I am rolling my eyes because my husband is having a sick day, and is currently moaning on the bed saying “Honey, I feel really bad” when he has been sick for two days, meanwhile, I have already had this virus for 2 and a half freaking weeks, with not a sick day to be had. On a related note, screw the PPL that the government is banging on about and lets give Mums a few sick days.

  • What is with this green smoothie epidemic? On the drive home from a Fathers Day Picnic yesterday, my eyes involuntarily rolled when I read that someone’s husband was working so hard in the garden, she was making him a refreshing, creamy green smoothie. I thought, wouldn’t he rather have an ice cold beer? Not served in a mason jar? When I related this snippet to the hubs, his eyes almost rolled out of his head.

  • Mardi

    I second the eye rolling about green smoothies… why does everyone bang on about kale? As if its not diffuclt enough to inject the humble pea or carrot into the diet without small people’s eyeballs rolling right out of there heads let alone kale!

  • Robsmc

    Similar to previous comments – people who are whinging about not having enough money, yet have the latest gadget, or the next must have baby item/gadget, then give kids presents from $2 shops that are cheap and in many cases dangerous…

  • Jen I

    Coincidentally, just this morning my daughter Meg (8), gave me a LOOK after I suggested that her pyjamas weren’t listening to me very well because they hadn’t picked themselves up from the middle of the hallway even though I’d reminded them loudly 3 times. I did the ol’ “don’t you roll your eyes at me Miss”, to which she replied, “That wasn’t eye-rolling. That was a LOOK. This is eye rolling,” Then she proceeded to roll her eyes every which way, cross eyed, up and down, round in circles, and I’m pretty sure the left one went in, checked out the inside of her head and came back out again. It literally hurt my eyes just looking at her! I had to go have a lie down to settle my stomach. We now have a household ban on eye rolling. AND I was so distracted I forgot about the pyjamas until after she’d gone to school, so I ended up picking them up myself. Meg 1, Mum 0.

  • sarah. c

    So get this… I am sick, barely making it to the toilet (and maybe on two occasions not making it at all) but my lovely husband decided to go on a leisurely weekend away bike riding with mates. I had 1 assignment to get finished. 1 days (paid) work. 3 childrens birthday parties to take my children to. 4 children to take to the movies and 2 children to look after ON MY OWN all weekend. I managed. Just.
    Today at work he was struck down with the SAME sickness, but apparently he is worse (eye roll), he goes home from work (eye roll), sleeps all day (eye roll), Calls me to say we have no bread and can I get him some (eye roll) and asks if the children can be dropped at his mums until I get home from work (eye fucking roll).
    Yep. Man flu makes my eyes eye roll!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    When my adult son and his Girlfriend get asked to pick up their towels from the bathroom floor!And for heavens sake put out THEIR washing so I can wash it,and with my husband whenever I start taking about any jobs I want done!!!

  • Cheekiechops

    One skinny chai piccolo latte in my Eco friendly cup…oh hang on, and a skinny decaf mocha for my girlfriend, hang on, and two babychinos, make them all soy.
    Big eye roll from me and the barista

  • Laree

    Every day some well meaning soul/friend/family member feels inclined to ask, with much concern, how I am feeling…. As you know Mrs W. I am feeling like the worst kind of crap ever, every minute of every day. Now I’m not after the sympathy vote here, nor do I want a pity party from every Tom, Dick & Mary, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that I AM FEELING SHIT! I’m bald. I have no eyebrows and only the dregs of a few eyelashes. My skin is an extremely vibrant shade of red, with green undertones when nausea kicks in. I’m puffy from steroids. I’m covered in a splotchy rash as I’m allergic to one of the chemo drugs. How the fuck does that happen??? Aren’t they all toxic? I digress. I’m bloated. I’ve put on so much weight (again WTF?) I’m incredibly uncomfortable. I have 500 zillion hot flushes a day, which means i must remove my hat 500 zillion times so i can mop the outpouring of sweat, sorry perspiration, from my smooth, shiny head ( complete with a horn- yes just one. I’m a unicorn) For god sake, I walk around with a spew bag in my hand bag, anti nausea meds in one hand and a bottle of Mylanta, with a straw in it, in the other.

    I must however, look better than I feel because I always reply with a smile and an ” I’m fine. How are you?” And….. Wait for it…… The incredibly concerned soul/friend/family member invariably replies with “I have this dreadful/rotten/persistent/worse cold/headache/toothache ever! Can’t sleep. Can’t eat……. ” EYE ROLL

    Note: eye rolls are more effective when your eyes are lacking in lashes!

  • Conor

    My all time fav eye roll moment is people telling heavily pregnant (aka horribly uncomfortable) ladies to get as much sleep as possible now before bub comes.

  • Wendy

    When parents talk about how their children are perfect at home (yes I am a teacher..)

  • kaitlynne roil

    I give a big eye roll to those crazy mumma’s out there who have super babies. Yup, you know the genius babies who are doing things at a 3 year old level…those ones.

  • Danielle

    My classic eye roll moment would have to be anytime Hubby ‘announces’ any tiny bit of house work that he has done. Like I should praise him indefinitely for taking the dishes out of the dishwasher. Well done honey!

  • VeronicaOscar

    Eye roll….PNG solution or turn back the boats….marriage is between a man and a woman…..paid parental leave for high income earners…..

  • Not an entry, because I can’t use this stuff (what does it do??) but a testament to green smoothies being delicious. Try apple, kale, spinach and mango, or replace apple with pineapple. Amazing! You can’t even taste the green!
    Chia pudding and chocolate avocado mousse on the other hand are foods pretending to be delicious but are not.

  • Whenever a cab driver asks me if I’ve let the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart. *eye roll* Twice this month ALONE!

  • Dorothy

    I was going to bring up the “Who wants to go to Bunnings”? eyeroll (whole family at husband). But then I read Laree’s comment. That has got to be the eyeroll to end them all xxx

  • Kylie

    My eye roll moment tonight came when my 7 yo son finally spoke with his father- who was unexpectadly stuck in a remote part of Papua New Guinea for work with pretty much no contact on the fathers day weekend. Instead of sharing all the fun things we’d done on the weekend, his very first words were to report that I was drinking Bailey’s (A gift from a gf yesterday that I’d said we”d share around the camfire when we go camping in the school holidays, not so sure that’ll happen now I’ve cracked it….). My husband was given the run down on how many glasses I’d had…which didn’t sound too bad (two) until he went on to detail just how full they were. Although when I woke up passed out beside the dobber 2 hrs after putting him to bed and still had to deal with finishing the after dinner clean up and pet feeding I gave myself a bit of an eye roll…..

  • Jarvis had surgery the day before, I had just gotten home from the Oncologist. I have vomit in my hair and a lovely shmear of shit up my arm. (Yes I watch cooking shows so it was a shmear). Knock on the door, I answer and it is the door to door religious sales men. Holding a half naked crying child (and because he was crying the stitches in is mouth were bleeding so blood was drooling out). the guy asks “Is now a good time?” then proceeds to try to sell me religion. Umm are you shitting me? Can you not see? If not smell? I think they got the biggest eye roll on the planet.I believe everyone has the right to choose their own religion, just please do not try to sell me god at the door.