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Being nice to people? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!

For as long as time has stood, people have been assholes to each other. 800,000 years ago, people where such assholes that they used to actually eat each other for dinner.

But the internet age, a new type of asshole has emerged. The anonymous asshole. Many people loathe them, but me? I just want to take them in my arms and rub their scaly back while whispering soothing phrases like “You’re Mummy Doesn’t Hate you, really…” “You are beautiful, no matter what they say…”.

Trolls and nasty assholes on the internet is a fact of life. I always tell bloggers that you must be prepared that not everyone is going to like you and you must be cool with it. When you live a portion of your life online, of course you must be prepared to cop some flack from time to time. It is how you deal with it that counts.

Why, just last week I got an email from some random telling me how crap I was and actually listed all of my shortcomings. It would have taken her at least 20 minutes to type. But it only took me 2 minutes to add 8 more points to her list and send it back. I mean, nobody else knows my flaws better than me?

The worst are the comments you get, saying things like “Your’e a fat c*nt.” You want to know why I find this offensive?

Because I go to considerable effort in formulating sentences, using mainly correct spelling and pushing myself to write better. And being called a Fat c*nt is just plain lazy. IT’S BORING! I mean, if you are going to come up with hurtful insults, at least make them interesting. Challenge yourself!

Lovely Lisa, I would love to write a lovely post on manners and being nice to people, but some folk are just intrinsicly assholery, and it this minority that I truly, deeply feel bad for.

And really, I prefer to focus on the good. The great friendships I have made by writing on the internet. The career opportunities that have sprung up. The sense of community that is built. I kind of see it as a large family and in a large family, there is always one ridiculous, offensive uncle somewhere that you all kind of roll your eyes at, but put up with, because, well… What are you going to do.

And if you are a blogger, or a social media junkie who has been trolled, you need to know that it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Nadda. Zip. You must not take it personally, or let it rattle you in anyway. I have seen bloggers close down their sites, and this truly upsets me.

Recently I was lucky enough to hear Trey Ratcliff┬áspeak, and this certainly rang true for me…

Because aiming for brilliance is the best revenge.

Do you feel bad for trolls?

How do you deal with them?