Fight or Flight.

This week I have handed over editorial content ideas to the wonderful WoogsWorld Facebook page. They really are the nicest bunch of chicks you could ever meet. And there are a few fellas as well. You can join the Facebook community here.
But let’s get on with the show!

This is totally common. Just the other day I was mooshing up a kilo of mince to make hamburgers and a very similar thought crossed my mind. As my fingers plunged into that bowl of dead animal I thought to myself…

“Why can I do this and not throw up, but when Chuy presents me with his latest hunting conquest, I scream and run to the bathroom and lock myself in there and call Mr Woog at work to come home asap to deal with it…”

Because after all, it is all dead animal, no?

Mary Rose, what you have going on is the fight or flight mechanism which is a result of excess adrenaline flooding your body. You see an injustice in the street, and because you are obviously a very decent human being, your first response is to set it right.


And as far as the mouse goes, well they are small, grotty and completely unpredictable. You think they are going to go one way, and they dart in the opposite direction, or even worse… disappear behind the fridge or under the couch.

This leaves you with a very uneasy feeling for the rest of your life.

The most obvious solution would be for me to send you Chuy for a couple of nights, and you will see that mouse NEVER AGAIN.

The alarming thing about mice is the ridiculous rate in which they pro-create. If you think that there is just one, you are having yourself on. Mummy mice can give birth every 90 days, if they are promiscuous, and can produce up to 100 babies in a year.

There is no way to measure how many injustices carried out in the streets, but if you live anywhere near my hood, well that would just be a lovely, comforting thought. Go forth and correct misdemeanours Mary Rose, and get yourself a cat.

Do you ever experience the FIGHT OR FLIGHT situation?
Tell us all about it…. *flicks kettle on*