Grey be Gone.

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 About two months ago, I finally got around to addressing the outstanding issue of my ever-increasing skunk strip of grey hair that featured down the part of my hair. I did this as I had seen a photo of myself where my tresses where positively silver!

I know a lot of woman embrace the grey, and I see them about looking very elegant, but I am not one of them. For me, I am not ready to grow old gracefully and I believe that I have a few more years of being a brunette.

So my friend Bev was over and as we finished off a bottle of champers, I asked her if she would mind whacking a box of colour through my hair. I home colour because I just cannot be bothered to waste hours at the hairdresser, and I can do it when the mood strikes. And the mood was stricken after 3 champers.

I paid no attention whatsoever to preparing the colour and as a result, I spent 45 minutes dying my hair the exact colour that it started out, which was mouse brown with silver streaks. Yes, I had mixed the conditioner in with the wrong bottle. My advice? Never drink and dye.

But my hair was lovely and soft.

If I had had my wits about me, the giveaway that something was not quite right was the absence of that revolting ammonia stink that stings my eyes and makes me feel woozy. There was no smell, because there was no colour.

Do you colour your hair at home? Do you know what I am talking about?

Well I was delighted when the lovely team at Garnier, who sponsor this little patch of cyberspace, came up with the first home hair colour powered by oil, not ammonia. Which means you don’t have to fight unconsciousness every time you want to freshen up your locks.

So I gave it a crack. First of all I followed the instructions this time, which meant that straight away, it was 100% more effective than my last attempt.  It didn’t smell at all and was very easy to do myself. It was creamy and didn’t run down my face like other brands I have used.

I used Dark Brown.

No grey hair

And I was 100% pleased with the 100% grey coverage it afforded me.

From start to finish, the process took a little less than an hour and upped feeling better about myself by a thousand and gave me peace of mind that I can follow instructions and am not a complete imbecile.

If you colour your hair at home, I would love you to try Garnier Olia on me!

Click here to choose your colour and let me know why you are a fan of home colouring.

The first 20 to comment will be rocking some super fresh hair like it is nobodies business! And if you are befuddled but the whole option thing, you can get advice from the experts by clicking here. And congrats to Averil and Jen, who won the Eye-rolling Giveaway!

 With thanks to Garnier Olia.