Once upon a time….

Once upon a time, there lived a family who resided in the Sutherland Shire, Sans Souci to be correct.

Mr Wouge was a factory worker in charge of quality control of the Rice Bubbles at the Kelloggs Factory while Mrs Wouge made a decent living as the states number 33rd most successful TupperWhore distributor.

Except when it came to one particular line,  The Heat and Eat Everyday Set, where she was number 13. She was particularly passionate about serving leftovers, and this passion shone though in her animated demonstrations.

They had two sons, Horatio and JazzHands, and one cat called Jasper.

One sunny Saturday, Horatio and JazzHands decided to torture their parents with behaviour similar to the little head turning, spew girl from The Omen. Mrs Wouge was aware that it was Father’s Day coming up and Mr Wouge was getting antsy, as he tended to so around commercially organised celebrations.

The other interesting thing about Mr Wouge, was that he tended to display signs of the female mensies, albeit without the unpleasant end result.

It was safe to say that Mrs Wouge and Mr Wouge’s cycles had synched, culminating it both of these adults having quite the massive tantrum on the eve of Father’s Day, driven by Spring Fete fatigue and general cat’s bum mouthing all day.

The next morning, despite everyone in the Wouge family’s desire to spend the day in the opposite 4 corners of the house, Mrs Wouge made the decision that everyone was to meet in the car in ten minutes.

They travelled silently for an hour or so, before reaching their happy place.

Horatio later explained that he was just patting his brother on the head.

 Which was just the tonic the Wouges needed.