Selling your boat.


They say the best 2 days about being a boat owner is the day you buy one, and the day you sell it.

After trialling being a boat owner, Mr Woog has decided that he did not have such an affinity for the sea as he thought he might, so he has decided to part ways with it. Not before one last family outing.

We were all a bit short with each other after a MASSIVE week. The trip up to Jabba saw many conversations, and an argument about this weeks column at The Hoopla, where Mr Woog likened my opinion to that of Steve Price. The kids were shitting me to tears, so I new that we all needed to come together and do some sort of wholesome family activity to bring us closer, like those families in the KFC ads. But instead of chicken, it was the boat.

We would have fun if it killed me.

There is something about being on the water, don’t you think? It is nice and relaxing just putting about and dropping in fishing lines. I was in charge of the Lucky Hand-reel, and Jack was in charge of entertainment. After about an hour, I told him I would pay in one dollar is he stopped singing for ten minutes.

Silent bliss.



That is all the fish that were on offer, but were not caught.

Now here is the thing about being on a boat that puzzles me the most. You just sit there, you don’t do much but I will tell you this for free. Every male in this house is fast asleep right now, absolutely knackered. What is up with that? My friend the Divine Ms. M loathes boats and anything to do with them and Sue, my old boss, is the exact opposite and travels around the world on her boat. Who would have thought that a boat would be such a divisive thing?

Anyway, anyone want to buy a boat? It floats and everything!

How about you. Boats. Do you get them? Or not…