This is 40

First up, a couple of things. Jazzy K and Sam, you two have won the Garnier Hampers! Check your email my sweets! And in even more exciting news, you helped me smash my Loud Shirt Day target, and I cannot thank you enough. Sending out very good vibes to all today! Thanks you!

And in other news, Frank and Ruby are slowly allowed to be in the presence of greatness. It is a two steps forward, one step back type of scenario here…

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 6.34.41 AM


And in other news, my beloved Mr Woog turns 40 today. I can tell he is getting older when he says things, like this, this morning.

“My optimum temperature! 21 degrees…. YES!” as he looks out the window.

He has taken the day off to go and indulge in his favourite thing to do. Riding a motorbike very fast around a track. His midlife crisis has come in the form of adrenaline seeking. To be honest, I would much rather him do that than root someone from work.

Having said that, he only works with one other, a bloke. So if that were to happen, I would have many questions.

Mr Woog has been fairly simple with his requests. He wants a cold beer and Steak Diane for dinner. Nothing this old gal cannot handle.

After all, I am beginning to think I can handle anything!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 6.48.40 AM

Anyone else watching a mid-life crisis unfold at the moment?