5 Reasons I love Queensland.


The universe has directed me north of the border 4 times this year, so much so I can almost call myself a Cane Toad. There are such differences between New South Wales and Queensland. The heat is the obvious one, as I seem to suffer  lot more that the natives. But these are my top 5 thing that I love about Queensland.

ONE – The people. The people are so friendly and nice, down to earth and chilled out. From the chick at the airport helping you with directions, from the taxi drivers who are always full of good cheer. Everyone is smiling and just happy to be alive. I have seen no road rage in Queensland, but then again I have not seen a traffic jam yet.

TWO – Erbacher’s Fruit and Veg Store. On the side of the road, a massive shed that has been in operation for over 40 years. Why the fuck am I highlighting a fruit and veggie stall? Because it is simply awesome, with local farmers pulling up in their trucks to deliver their produce straight from the ground or the tree. You do not have to sell your first born for a punnet of raspberries, it is cash only, there is astro turf on the floor and only one old-fashioned weighing apparatus hanging in the middle of the shop, whole old ladies stand around it with pumpkins, discussing whether they need a smaller one or not. A complete step back in time. Real food, not shrink wrapped in plastic with serving suggestions printed on the label.

THREE – Faboobadah acceptance. You can get around in a sleeveless top without any shame.

FOUR – Sizzler. Back in my youth, we would go to Sizzler when we came up here on holidays. It has been 30ish years since I ate cheese toast, and I am taking the boys there today to relive my youth along with endless soups and salad bar visits. I know I will be disappointed, but it is something I simply must do.

FIVE – The vibe. It is a bit like stepping back in time, to a place where good service is importance, pride is taken in the smallest of tasks and people generally want to know “How are you, mate?” There is a certain quiet confidence that Queensland has. Melbourne has the cool, Sydney is the show pony and I get the feeling that Queensland looks down and laughs at us, while plucking a mango from the tree and cracking the top off a bottle of suds.

I am starting to get it.

Do you?