I Dig Dugongs.


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I am going to be honest with you.

 I have not taken my kids to the Taronga Zoo for 7 years due to a particularly harrowing incident that occurred the last time I went.

Jack was about 8 weeks old and Harry was 2. I was feeling brave and thought a day at the zoo might be in order. Outside was sunny and I was getting cabin fever staying at home, trying to keep sane on no sleep.

We wandered through for a while, with a pram and a little baby strapped to my chest asleep. It was all going swimmingly well. Checked out the famous sea lion show, marveled at the big cats and laughed along with the gorgeous chimpanzees. The baby started to stir, so we made our way over to the family farmyard area where there was some play equipment so Harry could be entertained while I fed Jack.

I gave Harry a mini muffin and got onto the task. Harry, mini muffin in hand started to walk across the year when all of a sudden 2 large ducks came out of no where and ambushed him, stealing his mini muffin and causing a great deal of hysterics, like only a furious 2 year old can muster.

The baby started screaming and I cut my losses and left.

Taronga Zoo, in collaboration with Woolworths, has launched the Aussie Animals campaign.  Remember the footy cards that you collected as a kid? I was mad for them, and was a crazed Western Sydney Magpies fan and I can still remember being so stoked when I came across the Terry Lamb card. Anyway, you can order this album and collect cards if you do your shopping at Woolworths, including online which is the only way I grocery shop.

When the albums arrived, I was a bit concerned that my kids would not be into it, but that could not be further from the truth. They were all over it!

zoo 1

Last Saturday, we all headed off to the zoo for a proper do-over sans drama. It is also great for the kids to see Aussie Animals that are not unfortunate road kill, but alive and thriving!

Jack, my rules man, bought along his album and had a list of animals that were compulsory viewing. He carried that book all day without complaining. Bless…

Somehow we found ourselves in the snake section, and seeing that I had recently overcome my snake fears, I thought…. NO PROBLEM. WRONG!

zoo 2

We revisited the farmyard area and I told the kids of the drama that went down when last we were there. There were still ducks and chickens running around and the sweetest baby goats ever. We went to the Tasmanian Devil exhibit and learnt what the zoo was doing to try and conserve them, as a truly hideous cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease is threatening to wipe them out.

There also happened to be a lady there handing out to Collectable Cards, and Jack was focusing all of his energies trying to charm her into parting with a few. Worked. Score.

We were ticking off the animals that were required viewing, but there were a few on my list that I cannot help but be drawn to. First up, I was a little sad that my spiritual sister, the Dugong, otherwise known the cow of the sea, was not in residence. So I went searching for my next favourite.

zoo 3

“Sup Tawny Frogmouth….”

And then onto another favourite. THE QUOKKA! A cool name and the lesser-known alternative to the kangaroo.

zoo 4

And because…. DERRRRR

zoo 5

And of course the Fairy Penguins, which have been renamed recently and now, carry the more politically correct name of Little Penguins. Although I do suspect that there are actually gay penguins in the world.

zoo 6

We stopped and ate some hot chips because I then and there decided to start a new tradition of eating hot chips at the zoo.

We were surrounded by those ibis birds, and chickens with baby chicks wandering around, and I couldn’t help worrying about them and what would happen if they took a wrong turn and found themselves in the Red Panda enclosure…

And then I started wondering about things like, how do they decide which mice get selected to be exhibited, and which ones ended up on the menu for the snakes and the like…

At the end of a fabulous day, we whizzed back up the hill over the animals, which was the icing on the cake. A very tired cake….

And as always…. There were the cards.

zoo 7

To celebrate, Woolworths is inviting everyone to attend Woolworths’ Aussie Animals Trading Days and swap cards with their fellow collectors, with trading days taking place on Saturday 5 October at Woolworths stores nationwide. Head to your local Woolies store for times. 

Do you dig dugongs?