Ever sent your kids’ toys to the day spa?

Brought to you by Vanish Napisan 

When Harry was born, he was given a stack of soft toys and the like. Out of all of them, two became clear favorites from the start. They would be Mr. Jinx the Duck and Blue Bear, the blue bear. And as Harry grew and grew, it became obvious that Blue Bear was his one true love.

When Baby Harry had gastro, there was Blue Bear.


When Toddler Harry had his tonsils out, there was Blue Bear.


And when we went on holidays once and lost Blue Bear, there was fake Blue Bear that we bought to try and trick him, but we were not fooling anyone.


Real Blue Bear was located a few days later under a bed, and all was right in the world again.

So it has been ten years that we have shared our lives with Harry, Blue Bear and Jinxy, and as the years passed Harry grew to be a fine young man with a passion for rugby and kebabs. Unfortunately, time has not been so kind to Jinxy and Blue Bear…


In fact, it would be safe to say that Blue Bear might have even benefitted from some rhinoplasty, as his previous nose had been sucked off.


Both the blokes were covered in years of deep stains and general filth, so I thought it high time that I treated to the fellas to a treatment at the Vanish Napisan Day Spa.


We begin with some aromatherapy. Aromatherapy soothes one’s nerves and allows your mind to become deeply relaxed.


I then prepared a traditional bath for a long soak. The product I like to use has brightening properties as well as stain shifting benefits.


There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like a good old soak in the tub.


And then, once the relaxation part is over, it is time to get down to some nitty gritty treatment. And like they say, beauty is pain. This is hardcore.


After spending overnight weighted down by a saucepan, Blue Bear and Jinxy are treated to a 40-minute session in the washing machine.

And who doesn’t love a good after photo!


Fluffy and as fresh as the day they came to live with us! Almost…..

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