What Makes You Nervous?


Every Tuesday I trot off into the city to so a segment on The Daily Edition called The Debrief, where I sit with my mates Bev and Kerri, alongside the Divine Ms M, and chat about the news of the day. All the important issues, like why celebrities have stopped wearing bras and the like. Hard hitting stuff.

If you had of asked me whether I was capable of doing this a year ago, I might have hit you over the head with a flying pig. Are you kidding me? NO WAY.

But I have sat through enough personal development sessions enough to know that when you are pushed outside your comfort zone, that is when sparks fly and life can get just that little bit more interesting. And this is why I continue to show up. Because it is fun.

Although having said that, this does not mean I feel like soiling myself in the Green Room (The room that you wait in before you go on air, which is actually beige and is more of a nook than a room.)

Yesterday, as I battled my butterflies, I got to chatting with another guest Grazina Fechner, a super confident corporate trainer. I asked her whether she ever gets nervous. I was surprised when she told me she did all the time, and that nerves were a good thing!


She went on to explain that nerves are a sign that you care enough about something that you have a reaction. And that the audience do not want you to fail. They kind of keep you on your toes.

Which made me think, why do I get nervous before I pap smear then? I certainly do not want to fail that!

Then Dr John Darcy, TV medico, came off from his segment (discussion? Diabetes) and I asked him.

“Dr John, do you ever get nervous?”

Without pausing, he answered “All the time. When I am not nervous, that will be the time that I completely stuff up.”

So in 5 minutes after those 2 brief exchanges, I started to see nervousness differently. And instead of working against my butterflies, I worked with them.

And subsequently went on live TV to discuss how I would have to trot around with a wheelbarrow if indeed, I went bra-less.

Do you suffer from nerves?

What makes you nervous?