Meet Frank and Ruby Woog

Meet Frank and Ruby Woog.


Frank and Ruby are sitting at my feet as I type. Frank and Ruby are not your average North Shore dogs, because they are not cocker-spaniel-poodle-labrador-golden-retriever cross breeds, which are the dog de jour around these parts.

These two are real dogs. Farm dogs. In fact, Frank is the only recognised Staffy allowed to compete in sheep chasing competitions! True story! He is a champion sheep chasing staffy, regularly beating kelpies, cattle dogs and the like.

I have swapped Mr Woog for Ruby and Frank, as they are totally shit at fighting fires, and apparently Mr Woog is great with hoses.

The Original Mrs Woog and Dr. Woog live in a small town that, by all reports, will come under threat from the raging bush fires today. For those who don’t know, there are currently 59 fires blazing in NSW, 19 of them uncontained. The biggest concern is the fire moving down the hills of the Blue Mountains. And with predicted winds of up to 100 kilometres and hour forecast for today, things are looking fairly grim.

I will admit it. I am a 100% Bona fide over-reactor. I kissed Mr. Woog goodbye and gave him strict instructions if he even sees so much as a flicker of flame coming over the hill, he is to leave. Bonus points if he runs, hands flapping and mouth squealing. He is a good man. The BEST man. He turns 40 on Friday.

So to all my friends and readers in areas affected by this dirty, rotten situation, please be safe. Stuff is just stuff.

And I am clinging on to the hope that this shitty situation will turn out like the Millennium Bug. A whole lot of hype.

Here’s to hope.

For live updates on the bushfire situation, click here.