Is That Chicken Pox?


I know that I must have been really, really evil in a former life. So terribly bad that fate has handed us the most dreadful punishment on the last day of the school holidays.

Fucking chicken pox.

And yes, I immunize my kids. I actually didn’t do it myself. The doctor did. I actually was never in the same room while it happened because needles make me hurl my cookies and I hate seeing my kids cry or in pain, so it was always Mr Woog who has left in the room to hold them. But it seems with the warmer weather, the pox is about, immunised or not.



I think it was because I was kidding about listening to podcasts during long church services that God decided to kick me up the ass. I mean, TWO WEEKS PEOPLE! 2 weeks where they could have had chicken pox and healed up nicely before starting the term fresh, but no. Get them on the last day of the holidays, so I can spend even more quality time with Jack.

And of course, Horatio should start with the pox once Jack is back to school.

Because I am just that lucky.

Anyone else going through Chicken Pox at the moment?

Do you have a cure for the scratchies?