Oh internet. I am done, or as we call it around these parts… SHUT DOWN.

When you are SHUT DOWN at WoogsWorld, you declare it before retiring to some quiet activities, devoid of any more family socialisation.

Tonight, I am officially SHUT DOWN, a bit like our Merkin friends employed in public office at the moment.

Oh, I will not complain…. (much). We have had a lovely time during the school holidays and have spent some very, very intense family time throughout, with a trip to the Sunshine Coast which was brilliant, a shit load of work happening in between, catching up with great mates at Jabba, acquiring chicken pox, eating fish and chips at Patonga Pub, managing to NOT go and see a kids movie *score*, watching Joelle get punted from X-Faxtor which led to Jacks 48 hours of tears,  a VERY wild wedding, and reliving my childhood dream of eating lunch at Sizzlers.

Lunch at Sizzlers was perhaps the most disappointing thing ever. I had built it up so much to my kids, regaling them with stories of endless desserts, potato skins, CHEESY BREAD and the pasta bar. Let’s just say the past is sometimes best left there…..

So I have arrived home today, laden down with 7 bags of washing, a pissed off cat, a crook little lad, a “fucked off at the world” 9 year old and Mr. Woog, with expectations that they will be fed. Again. By me.

I asked Horatio to feed the animals, in which I was treated to an eye-rolll, which in turn led me to completely lose my shit. I made some pasta and some salad and sat there, moodily hoovering it. Sulking like a hormonal teenaged girl, I shoved a forkful of green into my cake-hole and bit down into a huge fucking moth, that proceeded to EXPLODE in my mouth.


Ever eaten something you would rather not have?

What makes you SHUT DOWN?