My Skin Care Routine

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 I often get emails from people asking random questions. I recently received a note from a lovely lady who had some questions about skin care.

 And because I have skin, I felt well qualified to discuss it. And because you have skin, I thought I would share my skin care routine.

 Now, let’s just start things by saying that my skin is not perfect, in fact in the past I have struggled with the following.

  • Large pores
  • Hermione the Hormonal Horror
  • Oily t-Zone
  • Persistent chin whisker
  • Dryness

I have fussed around with expensive routines that take forever to get through, like pre-cleaners, cleansers, toners, pre-cleanse toners, scrubs, masks, serums, moisturisers and the like, but inevitable to would run out of stuff, forget a step or just could not be assed.

And I could not really see the difference. So I did a little digging around the Internet and came up with a simple skin care routine that will not drive me insane.

Garnier is one of those brands that I trust. I have been working with them for over a year now for a few reasons. The products do what they claim, they are very well priced and I am able to pick them up at the supermarket.

But back to skin. For me, it is all about the cleanse. If your skin is not clean, then you are bound to run into problems. And here is the trick….

The evening double cleanse….


By using a wipe, you remove any makeup or general skuzz that your face has collected throughout the day. Then get stuck in with a good cleanser. I use a cream cleanser, as it is not as harsh on the old epidermis.

In the morning, I just do a quick cleanse with the Pure Deep Clean Cream then use the Garnier BB cream.

Now, another tip I will share is DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE! I learnt this the hard way. My skin got all confused by my over exfoliation and went into mad oil production overtime! Which lead to pores being blocked which lead to breakouts.

So now it is twice a week in the shower with this ripper product.


You can use it as a wash, or you can give yourself a scrub and once a week, I leave it on my face as a mask. It is a bloody gem.

So you have a super clean face. DO NOT TOUCH IT! Touching your skin is the worst thing you can do as it spreads bacteria. My friend The Divine Ms. M is forever yelling at me when I touch my skin. DO NOT TOUCH IT!

But do touch it when you moisturise… DER. I love this one. It is easily absorbed and does not leave you feeling greasy.


AND…. If you want to take it to the next level, keep a tube of this next to your bed and slather it on before you go to sleep.


This is basically a Vitamin C hit for your skin, and fades spots while promoting a super duper glow.

There you have it. Pretty simple huh! And the whole shebang comes to about $40, which pleases me no end.

So, got it? Double cleanse, do not over-exfoliate and do not paw your face.


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