When Horatio met Pat Rafter.

I have a theory that if there is a celebrity on the same flight as you. there is no way the plane is going to crash. Of course the exception to this rule is Buddy Holly, and John Denver. And probably a lot of others.

There is always a bit of a shock when you see a celebrity in real life. You try and act all cool, like it is no big deal, but meanwhile you are texting your friend saying OH MY GOD.

I think my biggest celebrity encounter was when I was 23. I was living in London and had gone to the airport to pick up a mate when all of a sudden, Joanna Lumley was standing next to me waiting for the same fight to land. I became a complete gushing mess, and she was just beautiful and chatty and funny and cemented my lifelong fandom of her.

If I had to list celebrities who I would love to meet, it would look a bit like this:

  • Dawn French
  • Kathy Griffith
  • Oprah
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Marion Keyes
  • Joan Rivers
  • Corinne Grant
  • and a million others

Weird right? All ladies!

So yesterday the boys and I were at the airport because travelling by yourself and two mini ninjas is totally a great idea. After I had hissed at them half a dozen times through clenched teeth to please stop killing each other, Pat Rafter walked past. Pat Rafter is a famous tennis player and even more impressive, he is model for Bonds undies.

Horatio went into meltdown. One of his idols was in our midst. He begged me to go over and introduce him to Pat Rafter and I resisted because I HATE the thought that this bloke was just trying to get through the day without some random drooling all over him.

I looked into my son’s pleading eyes and thought “Fuck it”.

“Hi Pat, I am so sorry to bother you and I know this must happen all the time and be like, really annoying and stuff but you see, my son is a massive tennis addict and could not believe that you are here and he really wanted to meet you, and again I apologise, and WOW you are really tall aren’t you, but anyway, he is only 9 but plays in the elite squad but he likes Lleyton even though… I mean…. COME ONNNNNNN”

It went something like that. Anyway, Pat Rafter was totally gorgeous, shook Horatio’s hand and gas bagged a bit about tennis. I thanked Pat for being so gracious and smiled at his wife who looked like a supermodel. I smiled at the rest of the party they were travelling with before noticing GEORGE GREGAN. Horatio immediately had another heart attack. George winked at him as we retreated.

And according to Horatio, to was the best day of his life.


Ever been a gushing fan?

Who would you like to meet, given the chance….