5 of the Best – Plus Sized Labels right now.

Do you remember when I wrote this post, about this top?


Well I have been on the case lately and I am pleased to report, that there are now quote a few labels who are starting to understand that if you are a size 14 and up, you do not necessarily want to get around in pink baggy sweaters with owls on them.

So I have put together a bit of a guide to some good stuff out there. With the party season on the horizon, I hope you can find some inspiration in these labels.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.56.13 AMMadeline Charles

Two sisters design this label which is new to me. Gorgeous stuff! They kindly sent me this dress which I love. I was under no obligation to write anything a bout it, but the range is really good, with beautiful fabrics and lovely prints. I wore this with a nude, short condom dress underneath to keep the wobbly bits in check. Visit Madeline Charles HERE.


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.59.28 AM


Belle Curve

This label is sold by Target of all places, and everyone needs a little black dress dontcha think? I reckon for $59, you probably cannot afford not to buy it! I can even see it teamed with pants… I KNOW! FASHION RENEGADE RIGHT HERE! Click here for the info...


sara tunic


Here is the hot tip! Anything with panels down the side is your friend. Instantly slimming. I really like this, what they call a tunic. Wear with pants, sans pants whatever… I love the oriental inspired print of this. Handy little number. Click here for the deets, And make sure when you wear it, you hold your ponytail just so…


Ollie & Max

I know. I KNOW! I am forever banging on about this label but all of Sam’s stuff just works for me. This dress has been trotted out all over the place, Summer and Winter. It is a great basic that you can dress up and down with accessories. Shirtdress + Chambray = Timeless. CLICK HERE


Estelle Jacket


How much do I love my new Kimono Jacket? ENOUGH TO CACK MY PANTS IN IT ON LIVE TELEVISION! I cannot find it anywhere online, but I bought it at Myer. Estelle is a new brand for me and I like what I see. Harass them HERE.

Fashion posts are very time consuming. Hats off to all the fashion bloggers out there.

And then you just need the shoes and the swimmers and you are all set for summer!

My curvy sisters! Rejoice in the choice!

Do any of these tickle your fancy?

What is your favourite label? 

Feel free to leave a link in the comments and continue to say to to owls.