The Colour Purple

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Once a year my son Jack and I trot off to Australian Hearing for ye olde annual auditory check up. We used to have do quite often, especially when he was a baby, as he could not tell us what was going on with his hearing. I used to have to get him off to sleep while they stuck those things all over his head to test the brains response to sound. Stressful much?

Thank gawd he has always been a black belt sleeper. Still is.

For years, every time we had one of these types of appointments, the whole family knew about it and would call for the results. Because we were all a little fucked up about it. But these days, like a walk in the park. Almost.

I still get slightly shirty, as to why this happened to my little guy.

I see new parents come in for their initial appointment. I remember being that Mum. I spent the whole time howling in the bathroom. HOWLING, while Mr. Woog sat in the waiting room with the baby capsule on his lap. Then I would pull my shit together and spend hours discussing possibilities, testing and perhaps, another tear or two.

I want to go and talk to those new parents, tell that that everything would be ok, But I am not sure how they would react. It is a very delicate state to be in, when there is something not right with your baby.

Yesterday, the test went according to history. Jack has a moderate/severe loss with conductive issues.

He sits very still, for he is very competitive and quite the perfectionist (unlike his mother…) while sounds are piped into his little, curly ears. When he hears a sound, he presses a button connected to the computer, which is then mapped out on a chart. It is so upsetting for me, who can hear the different frequencies coming though, while Jack registers blanks. I will him with my mind to press the bloody button.

Once the test is over, we get new ear moulds made. He always find this part quite stressful as he has to choose the colour that he will wear for the next twelve months.

Could you imagine? I understand the seriousness of this task and never, ever rush him.

So I am pleased to say that in 2014, he will be rocking the colour purple.