Controversial Shoes.

I am in charge of selecting Mr. Woog’s clothes because he shows no interest in how he presents himself in society. As recently as last week, Horatio begged him, BEGGED him, not to wear a certain pair of shorts out of the house. I took this as a sign that he needed some attention and picked up a few things for him. He has a fondness for brands such as Bonds and King Gee’s and I wanted to shake it up a bit.

It is not easy. I have failed on many occasions, most notably here, the snappy salmon pant.

My latest acquisitions for his wardrobe have been met with mixed reactions.


Tropical Shorts

These were very controversial. I had to do a very stern sales job on these. And for $20 at the Country Road Online Outlet, it was not much of a gamble.

And then I showed him some shoes. His eyes rolled back into his head. So I told him that he had no style and could get around in his grotty thongs all summer if he wanted to. I took my hurt feelings to Instagram, snapping a pic and hoping to incite some sympathy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.06.59 AM

As modelled by me!

And guess what! I WAS WRONG! According to most of the Instagram crew, Mr. Woog was right! These shoes were revolting.

The whole experience has shaken my to my unfashionable core. I am throwing in the towel my friends. I cannot buy men’s clothes.

Can you show this to the nearest man and ask him if he would wear these shoes?