The Death of Cleo and Dolly.

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“Yeah… we are kind of pissed off for you as well..”

One of my old bosses taught me about High Level Blah. (HLB)

HLB is what referred to as filler speak in management. Where you speak a lot of words, yet do not say a thing.

This morning, news came out that two Australian stalwarts in the magazine world, Dolly and Cleo, were to merge, of course costing a lot of jobs.

German based Baeur Media bought the Packer Magazine empire last year, and has taken to it with quite the large hatchet. Grazia and Madison, two magazines that I actually did read, were killed off over the past 12 months.

I was in a meeting today with a Magazine Publisher, talking about print integration into digital and the falling sales of magazine titles across the board.

It is sad. Both Dolly and Cleo had their places in my life during my teens and later, my twenties. And I just cannot see how those two, very distinct audiences can be catered for under one title…

Dispute cutting jobs from an already bleeding industry, Baeur Media may take away our articles about strange vaginas, orgasms, boys and the like, but they will forever provide me with fond memories of High Level Blah as evidenced by Baeur Chief Executive Matthew Stanton, who today said…

“In such a dynamic environment, it makes sense to bring the staff creating these young women’s lifestyle titles together. The single publishing unit enables us to tap the synergies and expertise between the mastheads to further enhance the reach and relevance of these two much-loved Australian magazine brands.”

Sorry Ita. Your legacy has left the Park Street Building.

How relevant are magazines in your life?

Are you on old school page flicker?

What titles, if any, do you read? And why?