Dissecting Woman’s Day and New Idea. A Case Study in Crap.

Much ado on the inter webs today about magazine stalwart titles Woman’s Day and New Idea. The Hoopla summed up a lot of women’s thoughts on the headline “What’s Happened to Kate? The photo that shocked the World.” And then I was in at Channel 7 where, in the makeup room, there was talk about Johanna Griggs and how she was so upset about a cover story  on rival rag New Idea.

So, it got me thinking, do these mags think that we are all mugs? So on the way home, I stopped into the quickie mart and bought a copy of each.

Hold onto your detective hats ladies! We are going in……


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.28.37 PM

 What happened to Kate?

Kate had a baby 4 months ago and is getting little sleep because, well…. DER! BABY! The actual article ironically detailed the cruel taunts that the press are dishing out. That is what “those reports” are.

Commando and Michelle Baby Shock! WE’RE SO HAPPY!

Michelle is not pregnant. They just went out to dinner and someone took their photo and no doubt sold it to WD.

George and Julia. Love affair alert!

Julia and George have been pals for twenty years and recently she presented him with an award. Then she sat next to him at the dinner and they laughed.

Fifi’s Triumph. “This diet really works”

Fifi is a paid ambassador for The Atkin Diet and she lost 10KG’s in what I suspect might be a paid insertion.

Made with love.

Decent recipes ruined by the strap line Yule be glad you made these great Christmas treats.

But let us not forget the editorial team over at New Idea.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.28.24 PM

Johanna Griggs. My shock news at 40!

A story about her turning 40 back in October pieced together from speculation and quotes from The Daily Telegraph and The Australian. I read it twice and the only shock I could find was that she was fired via fax some 16 years ago. But Johanna was shocked, taking to Twitter yesterday….

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.07.28 PM


Ok, so where were we… Ah! Yes! Back to Fifi!

Fifi’s New Body. How I lost 12kg.

2kgs more than her Woman’s Day cover, published on the very same day! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her! She is hilarious! Let’s blame the Atkins PR Firm for this one. No disclosure, so hmmmm.

Shred Diet. #1 Weight Loss Plan.

I would be so fucked off if I were Dr. Atkins. And it leaves me as a reader, really confused as to which diet to follow….

TOM EXPLODES IN COURT! His darkest secret revealed.

Tom only saw Suri for 10 days in the 5 months after Katie left him. ARE YOU SERIOUS? THAT is his darkest secret? That?

New stress free Christmas Ideas.

More Christmas recipes.

Does anyone else see a pattern here? Where are the original thoughts? You may say, “but people still buy them”… but guess what? Not as much. What can save these two stalwarts of the Australian publishing industry, if anything?

I really want to know. Do you read magazines?

If so what titles? Or do you read more online these days?

PS. I want my money back, apart from the food sections. They are good. Props to the kitchen people.