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So far we have looked at skin care , home hair colouringself tanning eye-rolling  and all sorts of stuff.

Today we are going to look at the very thing that holds it all together. Skin.

I cannot recall exactly when I started to despise my legs, but it was some time during my teenaged years. Before then, they were just limbs that carried me about as I did the things that kids tended to do. Ride bikes, fall out of trees, swim in the creek and kick the shit out of soccer balls.

 Never really gave them a thought. They were just legs.

 As I got older, all my girlfriends started to shave their legs. My mum BEGGED me not to shave mine, instead taking me to the local beauticians for a wax.

The beautician spread the hot green wax over my entire shin before getting a little strip of cloth.



I promise you, and you can ask my mum, I spent the next week pick, pick, picking off the cold hard wax. I could not believe that people actually did that? Still don’t. I have a very low pain threshold.

It was the 80’s, and the media told us that our legs should look like this.

mini skirt 4

But mine just didn’t.  They were short and squat, perhaps as a nod to my Irish Potato farming heritage.

It has only been in the last few years that I have stopped hating on my pins.  Sure, they are still a little wobbly, more often than not peppered with whiskers and show battle scars of my youth but they do me well every day. Because they work for me.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.07.25 AM

So I give a little love back to them. I go to Huffy Puffy once a week and get them stronger. I prop them up on the couch when they are feeling weak. And recently I have begun to wear shorts, so that they may feel the sun on them occasionally.

And I moisturise them like the clappers.

From the Garnier range, I use 3 different products. All work brilliantly and all as cheap as chips. And simple. All things I advocate when looking at looking after my skin.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.32.07 AM

Body Tonic Sugar Scrub – in the shower. Removes dead skin cells and brightens up your legs. Feels like you have been through a buffer. So them you need the polish…

Body Tonic Instant Firming Hydrating Lotion – Lather; LATHER it on with gay abandon. Dries super quick. Your pins will feel brand new.

Intensive 7 Days Conditioning Lotion – My nightly ritual I do when watching the TV. This range covers dry, extra dry and normal skin. I use the one with Cocoa Butter.

All can be ordered through Priceline  or purchased from your local supermarket.

The lot will set you back $27.47, which is a pretty good investment, considering what your legs do for you!


 Tell me what your relationship is like with your legs.

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