When the General Talks.



I came across this on the inter webs yesterday, having first read about it in the Herald. It warmed by heart somewhat. I have always been a little proud that we are represented by this lady, even if her son in law is a bit of a toad, in my own opinion. I am not anti-monachist in particular, but if I had to tick a box, I do not really believe that we need a Queens Representative who yields as much power as the position has. But it is what it is, and I think Quentin Bryce is the best person for the job.

I was dead pleased when she put her weight behind the marriage equality debate. I whacked this pick up on my Facebook page, enjoyed a BBQ at my sisters house. And went to bed.

And woke up to comments like this….

I dont think she is nice ; she looks glam b u t – I feel her comments are very hypocritical – she should be loyal to the monarchy – Im disgusted with her – she gets paid for her position to be loyal to the Monarchy!!

Speaking up to boost her son in laws Electricity Bills popularity. Purely political and wrong.

To make this statement whilst still GG ……somehow she has forgotten protocol …..how is that????….she has stepped well over the line.

I think she is an utter disgrace. The role of GG is to be totally impartial. As GG she is not supposed to publicly support political issues in her role. She has actually breached the code of behaviour for her position. Even if she is right or wrong she swears an oath to that. She can have her views, but as GG she is supposed to keep them out of the media.
I am not saying that she is wrong in her views, just that she has broken that code for her job.

And then there was this, which I happen to agree with…

The right to marry should NOT be a political issue, therefore she should not have to be impartial. The right to marry who you love should be a basic human right, like the right to freedom and the right to vote. She has shown herself to be a decent, compassionate woman, who is in touch with modern views.

Although the post received over 450 likes and over 100 shares, it did make me realise that there is still are few who hold the position of GG as one steeped in tradition and Queen Ass Kissing.

Ironically, the Queen has given her blessing when it comes to marriage equality, with new reforms to begin in the New Year.

I cannot see why Quentin Bryce’s comments has caused any outrage whatsoever.

Oh dear Internet, help me understand?

And fetch me a coffee, there’s a chap.