I’ll think of a title later.

Poor Jack has had a rough 24 hours. He arrived home from school, walking his bike in tears. It would seem that there was a spider on his bag, and he freaking HATES spiders. And his big brother was showing no sympathy whatsoever. The bag had to stay outside all night, and the tears were cured by Tiny Teddies being dispensed.

Is there nothing a Tiny Teddy cannot fix? If there is, I am yet to hear about it.

Then this morning, he jumped into bed with me and promptly scratched my leg with his long, unkempt toenails.

He fears getting his nails cut as much as he fears spiders. Jack insists that the only person who can cut his nails is Hannah. Hannah is fantastic, but she is a trained manicurist and is located about 15 minutes drive away and the whole habit that I have been feeding is neither free nor convenient.

So amongst much drama, resistance, blackmail and threats, the toenails were cut eventually. I asked Harry to come into the bathroom where he silently presented me with his toes. Clip x ten and he was off without a word.

Chalk and cheese my friends… chalk and cheese…

I will now stop talking about spiders and toenails, ok?

What else has been going on…. let me have a think..

Loved this that a reader sent to me! It is a quote from former PM George Reid. Now George carried a bit of extra weight and was once heckled by a journalist who asked what he planned to call the “Baby..”


I think George could teach Tony something about the art of the quick retort….


Ok, I know you are just here because of the Fucked Up WoogsWorld T-Shirt giveaway. There has been a underwhelmingly lacklustre response to this giveaway, with only slightly more entries that the one time years ago when I gave away a sample of dishwashing tablets. I asked Mr. Woog if I could take a photo of him wearing one, and he was BEYOND ENTHUSIASTIC.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 11.30.32 AM

Mr Woog styled his t-shirt with a tropical short and a surly demeanour.

You will know you have won one, if you have an email from me in your inbox. If you don’t have an email from me in your inbox, it means you have not won. No hard feeling. Just was not your time….

…. just not your time.

But cheer up! Tis the weekend. And with that in mind, I hope your children are well behaved, takeaway is on the menu tonight and  your wine is always poured with a positive meniscus!

What is the most exciting thing you are up to this weekend?

And thank you to Cate for letting me borrow her title. Check out her blog HERE. Tis a great read.