Who is Kayte Murphy?

At some stage this week, this little blog of mine will reach quite the milestone. Ten thousand comments. TEN THOUSAND! It is mind blowing, if I really think about it. I used to have a stat counter thing on the blog, so I could see how many views I was getting. My mum used to say “You had a good day on the blog yesterday!” and so I took it off. Because it can be quite overwhelming.

So today I thought I would come clean and introduce myself.

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Hello. My name is Kayte Murphy. I like good eyebrows and clashing colours.

I started writing this blog in 2008. Between 2008 and 2010, I wrote 6 posts. Blogging was still in it’s infancy back then. There were a few veterans, stalwarts if you will. People like Eden, Veronica, Kim and Beth, and there was a growing group of “Mummy Bloggers” connecting over the inter webs. It didn’t even really matter if you didn’t write about your family. You were a Mummy Blogger if you possessed a vagina. The Term Mummy Blogger shitted some people off, but I truly do not care. I did try to re-brand our niche as Lady Writers Of The Internets with a Lax Attitude to Contraception, but it didn’t stick.

I called my blog WoogsWorld, as a nod to my husband’s surname and the film, Wayne’s World. And because I wanted to be anonymous on the internet, I wrote under the name of Mrs Woog, as I figured nobody was ever going to read my drivel and I could get along with my life. Here’s the hot tip. You cannot remain anonymous on the internet.

In 2010, I watched Julie and Julia and something switched on in me.

I was going to write this blog every day for a year.

And I did. And just like Forrest Gump, I kept going and going. The space kept growing and growing until the group of women writers on the inter webs could no longer be ignored by mainstream media.

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Never in a billion years would I have thought that this could have turned into my job. MY JOB? It is fantastic and frightening at the same time. Because, I mean, where is my blog? I think that it is just buzzing around in the sky somewhere, fighting off insistent hackers like some sort of flying, mummy blogger ninja. What if some very aggressive hacker asshole breaks through and steals the site? Like I have seen before. I freaked a tech dude out last week when he asked me about my back-up system and I proudly told him I didn’t have one. I now have one.

So I would have to start again if the blog dissapears . And what would I do differently? Not much. Maybe write under my own name so I don’t have to explain the story each time.

Blogging changes a gal. It really does! It has made me more empathetic and less quick to judge others. It brings out the best and worst in people and you get to see it everyday. People are complex creatures. I find it fascinating to watch and be a part of.

Sometimes I wonder, when will it all end. Will I be a great geriatric blogger, sitting in some nursing home banging out my thoughts on the mundane? I hope so. Imagine what technology will be like then!

And so to the ten thousand people who have interacted with me on this site, thank you so much. Thanks for reading and commenting and helping me to pave a career out of nothing. It is the greatest gift you could have given me. Beats the shit out of a scented candle.

My name is Kayte Murphy, and it is nice to meet you.