The Limited Edition Fucked Up WoogsWorld T-shirt….

I was delighted to receive a parcel yesterday, containing some t-shirts that I had printed. It was a WoogsWorld T-shirt that I planned to send out to my favourite PR people, some lovely readers who have been outstandingly supportive of me this year, my web-lady Kelly and a few other notables. I showed the family last night.

Mr Woog questioned whether it was morally corrupt to send out a thank you gift, emblazoned with the logo of your own website. He asked the question, why would these people want to receive a gift that really is just all about me, me me! On reflection, he did really have a point.

I would appear to be the ultimate wanker!

And then Harry pointed out something else. Something that was missing…..

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.57.49 AM

The motherfucking washing machine is not there! The one appliance that keeps things ticking over round these parts, with her constant and energy sucking neediness. Her beeping and rumbling.

Her inability to truly function as a washer/dryer, but perhaps more of a washer/a bit dryer but still very damp.

And so my foray into merch would appear to be an epic fail. But…

Take for example The Inverted Jenny Stamp!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.14.48 AM

Acock up at the printers means that this stamp now has an estimated value of US$977,500. So maybe, just maybe one day, my stupid self promoting, WRONG t-shirt might be worth something. One day…

I have a shit load of them. Sitting there, mocking me. I gave one to Alan, who said thanks, looked at it with a lot of confusion before stuffing in it in his bag…

In the meantime, what to do with the rest? A RAFFLE! 6 to give away. Ends Friday. You can wear it to Huffy Puffy or perhaps cleaning the bathroom…

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  • Kim Brooks

    First up ask for your money back due to printing fail! Then your cleaning crew could always do with a few soft rags I imagine?

  • They’re an eBay money maker

  • Tam

    I’d love one! I think it’s hilarious 🙂 How much??

  • shari

    Ahhh Mrs Woog, I think you already have your answer. Now that you’ve been drawn into the seedy world of raffles, I see no other option. Yes, yes, I know it ‘aint no meat tray, but it’ll do 😉

  • Cabbage was once given a branded Tshirt by a former employer, and they had to to take selfie photos in it somewhere unusual and public for the Christmas party powerpoint. He stood outside the Sunrise window with a serial killer look on his face, for four minutes.. he enjoyed it a little too much. You should start an instagram hashtag #WoogsShirts, and send them all on an adventure. xx

  • mumbehindthebox

    A true collectors item!! Sponsor a sports team, and I say give them to PR, and the others. What a talking point.

  • 26 Years & Counting

    Booby prizes for a give away?

  • Chels @ COABA

    Tshirts make excellent cleaning cloths 😉

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    Give them away! To your readers of course…

  • Jasmine

    Whatever you do with them, reserve one for refashioning as a cushion cover. Instructions and tutorials all over pinterest. Something you can see every day while a tshirt languishes in the bottom of a drawer.

  • Linley Simons

    I’m allergic to huffy puffy but think I’d find a use for it.

  • Now there’s going to be a riot… Only 6?

  • Branded t-shirts! I love them for their wanky-ness.

  • Belinda Henderson

    Wearing it to huffy puffy or to clean the bathroom? Hell no! This is sure to be the next big thing in fashion 🙂 I’m in before it gets cool!

  • Pauline Medley

    would proudly wear fucked up shirt-would be first piece of new clothing for me this year!

  • Sheree

    I promise that if I were to win this fucked up t-shirt, I’ll browse Pinterest for repurposing ideas until I become so confused and overwhelmed with my options I will roll the shirt into a ball and toss it onto my pile of unfinished projects.

  • Jo {Chickens & Bees}

    When I win one and then Instagram myself wearing it, should the hashtag be #Gifted, #Won or #Sponsored?

  • I’ll swap you one of those t-shirts in exchange for a super cool craft lesson for Jack. I can teach him to make friendship bracelets and get you drunk while it’s happening. I will also invite Mr Smags and he and Mr Woog can talk about motors and bikes people who race cars for a living. As for Horatio he can do sport things outside. Boom.

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    I’d like to win one of these shirts, would make a good conversation starter at play group perhaps…

  • Melanie Scott Burnicle

    A Woogsworld raffle! Making the most of the Missing Machine – I want one – it can take pride of place next to my Hilary for President t-shirt 🙂

  • Ha ha ha -oh no! I hope that wasn’t the fault of the file I sent you. Ironically I didn’t even notice the missing washing machine (clearly I have some kind of washing machine mental block after spending the last two days washing 8 loads – YES 8 LOADS!)

  • I feel your pain. I just received 5000 beautiful postcards encouraging you to ‘Start your free Pregancy or Baby Journal today’. Was thinking of running a competition – Spot the typo and win a prize. All very strategic 😉
    As a punctuation and spelling pedant I am dying a little inside though.
    Hopefully your T-shirts will become Limited Edition Collector Items!

  • toushka

    hahahaha! bound to be worth millions in the future. I’ll enter for sure! Also… I thought the washing machine was a camera.

  • oh no! still i think it’s a great looking t-shirt…maybe to wear while doing the hand washing!

  • Pippa

    Could you draw it on with a white paint pen? Ultimate bummer.

  • Reannon Hope

    Every time I read huffy puffy I have a giggle 🙂

  • Kerryn

    I was literally just shopping for branded t-shirts online. Fucked up ones are so much cooler, because not everyone has one!!

  • Bronnie – Maid In Australia

    Who wouldn’t want to win a fucked up Woogsworld T-shirt? I would wear it with pride to huffy puffy and even doing the shopping. See I would save it for ‘good’.

  • Sharon Sweeny

    I’m in, that’s gold!

  • Shaz

    It will make me smile

  • chrissie fitz

    Why would I want one? Are you frickin’ kidding me??!?!?!? I’m Stan, your Number One Fan!! Love reading your blog Mrs Woog, it would tickle me hugely to wear your wonky T to my huffy puffy class and afterwards in the cake shop xx

  • Shari

    I really, truly would like one, but letting you know upfront I’d possibly have to let the bedazzler loose on it … then ta-da what missing washing machine? Really, those shirts are fuck ups *with* potential ….

  • Jacky Burkett

    We’ve all done it, normally the typo stands out clear just as the 1000th copy comes off the printer!

  • Desire Empire

    They are truly collectible and a sign from the laundry Gods I think.

  • Oh no! That’s kind of funny though…I am sure they will be worth $$$ in a century’s time! x

  • Kel

    I would like to win the fucked up t shirt because i am having a fucked up day.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I might be worth a FORTUNE in a few years xx

  • Dr-Shelley Puddin-Pants

    Seriously…who WOULDN’T want a fucked up WoogsWorld t-shirt? Washing machine, smoshing machine!

  • Janelle Spear

    Love to have one!! Then on the days that everything fucks up, I can proudly wear your shirt!!

  • I think the missing appliance portends a future without laundry! Is Mr Woog organising a washing service for your Christmas present? I think the universe has spilled the beans!

  • If I win one, does that mean I never have to do the washing ever again?!

  • If I win can you autograph it for me …. Pleeeeeaassse

  • mumabulous

    I’d wear it to the gym regardless. It would accessorise perfectly with the tea towel I use as a sweat mopper.

  • Kate Searle

    I don’t see the problem. Wine and travel are far more fun. On my first trip to London the lady running the B&B wondered why I wanted a laundromat. Her advice was just to go to M&S and replace everything.

  • Must have this t-shirt for breast-feeding. I will try to leak the extra milk in the shape of a washing machine. (Note to self: you may have too much time on your hands.)

  • That’s the universe telling you that you are WAY too big a celebrity these days to be doing pleb things like washing. (I am too, but the universe is yet to get that memo.)

  • KateB

    Mr Woog’s Christmas present solved!

  • Deb_BrightandPrecious

    I only hope you ordered them in sizes to accommodate an ample bosom. And if it doesn’t fit me, my husband – with considerable less bosom – will love it.

  • Heidi D

    An actual Mrs Woog t-shirt oh my gosh…….I get excited enough when my computer tells me Mrs Woog has replied to my comment. Reading about this may well have been the highlight of my day (you can see I don’t get out much) I could wear it when I go to my pulmonary rehab physio class. It would be just the thing to go with the gorgeous nasal prongs for the oxygen they make me use while I am exercising 🙂

  • Lee Shapcott

    love your blogs. Keep em up lol

  • Sue N

    I would like to win one! It is missing the washing machine and also the word “out”. You need to sack those screen printers. I would still love one in my Christmas stocking though:)

  • Pixiekel

    Frankly, I think the shirt is a wonderful item I would love to shove in the closet with all my other fangirly shirts, and wear with pride, particularly with a nice soft pant. And, I’d willingly part with hubbies hard earned money for one. 😉

  • britishstorm

    I often pretend my washing machine has disappeared.. so this IS the shirt for me 😉

  • Jules

    I would love to win a fucked up WoogsWorld t-shirt, coz it’s unique and no one I know will be wearing the same top.

  • Glenne Lenske

    Because I’m possibly the biggest fashion feck up you’ll meet – I’m a real tshirt & shorts kinda gal; it would be hard to imagine what would suit me more than a fecked up shirt! Apart from that I love everything your logo stands for- your humour, irreverence and love of family & wine; I’d be proud to wear your shirt, warts and all 🙂

  • Janey MM

    Hey Mrs Woog, no offence, but I always thought it was a camera………Now who’s the fuckwit?

  • Ainsley

    I absolutely need to wear this to huffy puffy

  • xXL for mine thanks Mrs W! I don’t wash clothes so happy for a washer-less one.
    Mr W is the clothes washer & putter on the line..because, hey after not dojng it for 38 years he has now become the expert!

  • Perthite

    Obviously a man printed this. Who could forget a washing machine for feck’s sake. Speaking of mundane…

    With a family of five and as a full time working mum, I only wash once a week – ‘once’ spans the 48 hours between Saturday morning and Sunday night.

    It is epic. I do it for auditing purpose – I am 100% certain on Sunday night that the family is fully equipped uniform-wise for the week.

    I treat that washing semi-dryer with complacency. Never give her a second glance, let alone acknowledge her hard work and good looks – even after all these years.

    So she cracked the shits and conked out. Early Saturday last week. Repair man gave me a window of between 8am and 5pm. No joke, but at least he fixed it. $150 later and I did not want to know what on earth he found in that thing.

    Back to Saturday last week. Do not despair. I piled that washing into the back of the territory – headed down to the local laundromat, spread it across six machines – over in 25 min (hmm been a while since I’ve said that!).

    Because no one would come with me, I treated myself to breakky at the fab cafe down the road from the laundromat. What a glam life I lead!

  • Tracey

    Slightly imperfect then its made for me! Life is full of them its what makes it and t shirts interesting

  • Clare

    The fucked up t-shirt, the subsequent raffle, it is all very Woog and I love it.

  • Fiona

    and isnt the word “out” missing too???

  • Belinda

    can’t leave a comment on the raffle, doh!

  • Tara Lucas

    Oh Mrs Woog! You do make me laugh!
    But isn’t the ‘out’ missing as well?

  • Lisa

    Perfect for me cause I hate my damn washing me… it constantly mocks me that when it finishes I STILL have to dry and put away all its contents. Personally Id prefer just the wine and a holiday 🙂

  • Michael Potter

    I’d like to wear it the next time Mundine is fighting. Making the most out of the Mundine indeed…

  • Sarah

    so suits me and my mundane life – love your work Mrs W

  • Marney Wilson

    It would be an honour and a privilege to sport one of these gen-u-ine fucked up Woogsworld T-shirts. Afterall my husband and kids now ask me everyday “so what has your friend Woogie been up to today”. Mind you they are taking the piss but who cares. Imagine their faces when I appear in my fucked up Woogsworld t-shirt, then they will know we are friends. BAM!!!!

  • Helen Konstan

    In my house no one will even notice the washing machine is missing until they run out of clothes!

  • Holly

    Just because… I hate washing machines anyway…

  • Kylie Rogers

    Because I need more shit to wash.

  • Alison von Bibra

    Of course I want one of these freaking t-shirts. Like you even need to ask?? SIze L to XL please. I am planning to wear if for Christmas brunch. Just saying.