Are you a Nag?


Something I have been really trying to cut out of my vernacular is nagging.  My top 5 nags goes as follows.

  1. Would it kill you to put that plate in the dishwasher?
  2. Can you please put the toilet roll BACK onto the holder?
  3. Can you please pick up your towel?
  4. Can somebody please feed the cat?
  5. Why do you always park at the farthest point from the entrance?

The parking nag is the hardest one to put the handbreak on. You can actually feel the tension build in the car as we circle around the car park in Sonia Kluger.

“Here’s an idea! Why don’t you drive!”

Since Mr. Woog recently discovered the wonders of dirt bike riding, a whole new circle of socialisation has opened up. It would appear the dirt bike community is some sort of secret club, with meetings being held all over the place. Having had replaced his dirt bike after a recent theft, he is once again keen to establish himself in the gang. His dirt bike bestie is an eccentric millionaire who lives in the Highlands. Our exchanges involving Chris often go like this.

“Chris called and asked if I can come down for the night, so we can go for a ride in the morning…”

Chris has no kids and lives with his hot young girlfriend.

“Well you tell Chris that you have been spending far too much time over at his house and no. You cannot go for a sleepover. it is a school night…”

And then I will hear him call Chris and explain that he is not allowed to go. Because his mum said so.

And thus the nagging cycle is kicked back into full swing.

Are you a nag? A reformed nag?

What is your number one nag?