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I must be living under a rock or something, but I recently learnt that in Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for women to drive. Because someone, somewhere, thinks that it is likely to harm a woman’s reproductive system….

Now for the most part, I am quite comfortable accepting the cultural differences in countries, but I do object to sexual discrimination such as this.

And it did make me think about other, lesser-known cultural quirks so I decided to do a little digging around.

 Did you know….

It is illegal… In England to put a stamp on upside down.

It is illegal… In Samoa to forget your wife’s birthday.

It is illegal… In California to sell a smoothie containing lumps.

It is illegal… In France to name your pig Napoleon!

It is illegal… In Israel to pick your nose on a Sunday.

And perhaps my most favourite, in Vermont a woman must obtain her husbands permission in writing, to obtain a set of false teeth.


But I suppose as long as you put two people into the one room, there is always going to be a difference of opinion on some things.

Me? I would like to argue the rights of the people of South Dakota who work in cheese factories. I believe you SHOULD be allowed to fall asleep! And what about the good folk of Florida, who have no right to imitate animals! And I will argue until I am blue in the face that London Cabbies SHOULD be able to transport a rabid dog, if they so desire.

The Internet has given the world a forum to disagree with each other, sometimes in a well researched, respectful way and sometimes…. Well it is a bit like letting a hungry, angry pit-bull off it’s leash. Like it or not, everyone has the right to their opinion. It is all about how you wish to express it.

The Equal Choice forum has given us soapbox….

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And while we are at it, what do you think of the fact that in Florida, unmarried women are not allowed to sky-dive on a Sunday? I call BULLSHIT!