Break and Enter



Thank you for your comments on yesterdays post. I did not realise how far this issue spreads. Even the unpleasant comments were welcomed. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me at all. It is the lay of the land, but the issuing of bullying should be discussed more.

I have had many letters come in, thanking me for starting that particular conversation. Heartbreaking stories that they did not want to share publicly. Fucking awful stuff.

My particular situation was dealt with very quickly and with no dramas. For that I am very grateful.

I am also very grateful for a neighbourhood friend for not pressing charges against said son.

You see, he discovered where they hid the spare house key.

And since then, he has been in the habit of popping over for a visit, and if they were not home, letting himself in and treating himself to a sumptuous afternoon tea.

He was sprung breaking and entering, last week by said friend who arrived home just as he replaced the key.

The key has since been re-hidden and the cops were not needed as he fessed up to everyone and promised never to do it again. It would appear that I have inferior afternoon tea offerings…

This parenting shit does not get any easier, and it just gets stranger.