Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Out.

“Every morning I get up, I read the obituary page. If my name’s not there, I shave…”

George  Burns

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This lady gave birth to my grandfather! Her name was Emily Elizabeth Murphy and she died in 1971. Back in the day, she was famous for her beauty, her beer drinking and her fondness for a punt on the horses.

She was 101 when she died.

Us Murphy’s like to live long.

We all came together yesterday to reflect on another year gone by. Aunty Marg has had her own annus horibillis, with both her oldest son Mark and oldest Grandson Aaron passing away.

Aunty Pat, 85, has not fared much better, suffering from a stroke before some  dickwad broke into her flat and stole all of her precious things. But she did tell me that she has attracted a young whippersnapper neighbour, who at 70, is quite good looking but she is done with men and this particular one just wants to get into her pants.

But they were delighted to record their Annual Christmas Message, which you can view HERE if you are on Facebook.

 What about you?

Annus Horibillis or Annus Mirabilis?

And ANNUS is correct. If you giggled, you are not alone.