Do you re-gift?



I asked the question about re-gifting to the Facebook Gang and they came up with some corkers….

Mum gave sister ugly vase for birthday, sister regifted back to her for Christmas. Mum then regifted back to sister for next birthday. Sister again regifted for Christmas back to mum. Repeat. This has been going on for 15 years…… will one of them back down??

I once heard one about an unwanted wedding gift that was a kitchen appliance – the gifters had also popped a card and cash inside the box. The couple re gifted Without knowing that what was inside the box was much more appealing than a simple toaster!

I got a food processor from an older close family member for a wedding present only problem was she has filled out her warantee details in the book inside with the date 10 years before.

My MIL gave husband and I a baking dish for Xmas one year. A) price sticker was left on the back ($24.95), b) a card inside the dish “Ladies Pennant RunnerUp, ABC Golf Club”. It’s still a running joke amongst husband and I.

I received a regifted wedding present. It was a pizza maker….it still had hard cooked cheese attached to the edges.

Is it ever ok to regift?

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